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  1. Thanks for clarification But nice try^^ edit: The new format of the mk2 medal is way better, thanks
  2. Is this a valid challenge since @Lo Var Lachland has more then 750 rep and isn't allowed to post here? Got some questions aswell: Is it required to enable CommNet during the whole mission? If the answer is 'yes': 'Extra groundstations' allowed? (would be pretty tough without them). Is it allowed to use a manned ship to place the probe in duna orbit (to avoid a dead probe during a CommNet blackout) which will return to kerbin after the probe is in a stable orbit?
  3. When you tried starting the game without mods, did you just uninstall the mods or loaded a fresh install of KSP? Both logs contains a massive block of "Material doesn't have a texture property" so maybe something just messed up with your textures. It is unlikely that this will youses your BSOD but its maybe an explanation why your parts are missing. So, if you haven't done already, download a fresh KSP and try again (without mods obviously) Regarding the BSOD: Do you have any further informations on the BSOD or does ist disappear too fast? Usually, it will show you an error message, containing a filename (driver name) or at least some kind of memory access violation. Any other situation which will cause a BSOD?
  4. Mk2 medal Thank you and also thank you @Lucast0909 for creating such a nice medal Already excited for the next challenge edit: While adding the mk2 medal to my signature I've noticed that there is much more "white" arouind the new one....am I allowed to change this on my own so both medals will fit in the signature?
  5. I'm running SVE and all the dependencies (also the optional ones) on 1.4.3 and its working fine. Some of the dependencies actually are build for 1.4.3, some may not, like SVE itself but if you can grab a build for 1.4.x, the mod will usually causes no problems.
  6. 4x4cheesecake

    How to handle gravity?

    Actually, you should be able to push the "hack gravity" slider up to 10G. If this doesn't work for you, you can still try kopernicus with an config file like this: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body[Kerbin] { @Properties { geeASL = 2.5 } } }
  7. 4x4cheesecake

    How to handle gravity?

    Depends on the situation. "Hack gravity" will influence the whole universe, Kopernicus can do the change to a single body. So, testing something like a surface base in a separate save file -> hack gravity is the way you go. Permanent change -> Kopernicus
  8. 4x4cheesecake

    Tutorial - How to link successfully to images on imgur.

    Instead of using the copy button, you can also right-click the picture and use the "Copy Image Location" option to get a link already including the file extension
  9. What exactly is this log? Is it from your game crashing on your mac or from your friends game and mac? Just by taken a quick peak I can find like 4 mods having the wrong version: KSP is 1.2.2 RSS is (that's for KSP 1.3.1) FAR is (that's build for KSP 1.3.1) Kopernicus is (that's build for KSP 1.1 and not even the version bundled with RSS) SmokeScreen is (that's build for KSP 1.3.1) I'm pretty sure there are even more incompatible mod versions in your list and it is actually not very surprising that these mods will crash your game (and it is also not surprising that it will not crash when you are using KSP 1.3.1 because the mods are build for that version). Especially the mods build for a higher KSP version may try to use methods, which are not available in KSP 1.2.2 and as a result, you will get error messages like this in your log: [...] Missing method Format in assembly /Applications/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/FerramAerospaceResearch/Plugins/FerramAerospaceResearch.dll, [...] Missing method PopupDialog::SpawnPopupDialog(Vector2,Vector2,string,string,string,string,bool,UISkinDef,bool,string) in assembly /Applications/Kerbal Space Program/KSP.app/Contents/Resources/Data/Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll, referenced in assembly /Applications/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/KerbalJointReinforcement/Plugin/KerbalJointReinforcement.dll [...] So what you should do: Look up every forum post for the mods you want to use, most of them (usually all) will provide a link to their github repository. Go through the release section of the repository and be sure to grab to version build for ksp 1.2.2. and install them. Then try again to launch your game. If you still have problems, it can still be caused by not enough vram, like Lisias already told you and, if the log is from your mac using an 'Intel HD6000' graphics chip, this will not be surprising at all.
  10. AFAIK, there is no workaround for lag caused by this mod. If you have some RAM to spare, you can try to install MemGraph and add some space to the monoheap (this will reduce stuttering in generell) but in my expierience it also causes some very long loading times after running the game for a while. The mod is a bit out-dated but is still running on 1.4.x. If you want to try it, read the OP carefully and maybe some other posts in the thread, it can be a bit complicated in the beginning.
  11. 4x4cheesecake

    "Wobble" free space stations?

    Wait, symetrie siblings are included when using grandparent autostruts? Thats awsome and really good to know
  12. 4x4cheesecake

    "Wobble" free space stations?

    Well, to understand the definition of grandparent, root and heaviest, you need to know a bit about the way how the game creates the crafts. You can imagine the structre like a tree: The very first part you place is your root part. You can change the root part within the editor but to keep it simple, lets say, it is the very first part. Then, you attach the next part on the root part. The root part is now also the parent of the second part. Then, place a third part on the second part. Now, the root part is still the root part + parent of the second part + grandparent of the third part. This will go on until your craft is finished. So, autostrut (root) will always connect to your very first part. Autostrut (grandparent) will always connect to the part placed two build steps ahead. Autostrut (heaviest) will always connect to your heaviest part (guess that obvious, isn't it?^^) The problem is: the root part will change when docking, because there is only one root part allowd but you will merge to vessels into one. The heaviest part will also change as soon as you transfer fuel or dock a massiv vessel. Grandparent is the best option because most parents and grandparents parts will not switch after docking. And everytime you use heaviest or root autostruts, the struts will move around, depending which part is the new root or heaviest one which will cause some serious wobbel. When I say 'surface attached', I think of structures like this: Also: Best way to stabilise these structures is to place an grandparent autostrut on the docked part (fuselage on the right) becaue this autostrut will go through the docking port (left docking port is parent of the right docking port and grandparent for the fuselage)
  13. 4x4cheesecake

    "Wobble" free space stations?

    Even though I'm far away from being a expert, but I like to share my experience anyway ^^ After building several stations, the most stable design was always a huge tank used as core module and placing everything else around it, at least if the station is used to refuel other vessels. Everytime I've used multiple tanks radial attached, the station starts to wobble at some point. Autostruts (Grandparent) seem to be useful whenever a part is surface attached, especially if the part angle is not 90°. The best explanation I can find for this is: Everytime you dock a vessel to your station, the station and the vessel are combined to one vessel which need to be recalculated by the game. At the end of this recalculation, the physics 'kicks' in and may cause a little impulse which causes your (angled) parts to wobble. Personally, I don't like rigid attachment. It is more like surpressing the wobble instead of preventing it which causes the station to become more brittle and things are more likly to explode instantly instead of wobble around (btw. you can stop the wobble with a quick "on-rails" time warp) Docking is indeed the only way to build things in space. Maybe some mods like KIS/KAS have some other possibilities, but I don't use them so nothing I can tell you about. An alternative would be to build and launch your whole station at once but this requires some symetrical design and a massiv (expensive) lifter. So the best advice I have to you: Try to find a design with no long "arms", use the biggest available docking ports as often as possible, use autostruts on surface attached parts and if you use EAS-4 struts, you might want to take a look at this mod: It allows you to place struts perfectly symetrical and I got the feeling, that symetrical struts are more stable after the physics 'kick'.
  14. "Supress results window" active? Installed another mod which can be incompatible? Which mod version do you have installed?
  15. 4x4cheesecake

    Black heat shields

    Well, thats also a way to change the texture Maybe keep an backup of the modified file to replace it again after a KSP update.