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  1. 4x4cheesecake

    Camera Tools not working in KSP 1.4.5?

    What exactly is the problem? Do you have no toolbar icon? Do you set up some camera settings but they don't apply? How did you install the mod, manually or via CKAN? If you installed it manually, is it this one? https://github.com/jrodrigv/CameraTools/releases
  2. Interesting...it cannot be a regular steam issue otherwise the whole forum would be full of people complaining about this issue but at least it sounds like a good workaround, good job
  3. 4x4cheesecake

    [1.4.*] ScienceAlert ReAlerted : Experiment availability

    The latest release is
  4. Probably the same issue like the one I've linked. You can try to follow the same steps I've suggested in the linked thread and use a tool to monitor the file activities. Even though it doesn't help to solve the issue so far, this is still the best idea I have...
  5. These are line 1508, 1509 and 1510 of your log file. Apparently, the localozation file is the only config file found in your KSP install... Can you do me a favor and check any stock part for a config file? They are located in subfolders of KSP_install_directory/GameData/Squad/Parts/... There are folders for categories of parts and they should contain some model files (.mu), texture files (.dds) and config files (.cfg). I think, the config files are missing in this case, even though, this should not happen especially after verifying the game files through steam. You can try a full reinstall (If you got a savegame -> create a backup, uninstall through steam, manually delete remaining game files and install it again). If you are lucky, this will already solve your issue...if you are not lucky, it is something similar to this issue and something is automatically deleting your gamefiles:
  6. Uhm...ok, I'm running out of ideas here So, the best I can do now is: Pinging @Gargamel, he knows the other cases of this issue as well and always got good ideas, maybe he got some additional ideas. Also pinging @bewing because he got this insane issue solving skill (and a cute avatar ) I'll come back to you if I got some new ideas.
  7. Did you reboot your system after putting the folder on the exception list? Not sure if it is necessary but who knows... Does the file monitor still show the windows defender accessing the ksp install directory?
  8. Well, first of all: Cool that it worked Since steam, explorer and ksp itself are fine, the issue seems to be caused by windows defender. I'm curious why it decides in rare cases to see any thread in KSP files... You can try to put the KSP install folder in the 'Exception' list for windows defender (I'm actually not quiet sure if it is possible at all to deactivte it for testing purposes). I hope this will solve your issue.
  9. Unfortunately, yes Well, something I haven't thought about the last time, is to use some kind of file monitoring tool which may allow you to find out which program messes around in your KSP install. Actually, microsoft provides such a tool: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/procmon Run it, click on 'Tools' -> File Summary -> By folder and brwose to your KSP install directory and double click it. A new window should pop up, showing you every process which access the directory. Keep it open, switch to steam and verify your game files again so steam should load t he missing files and also, whatever causes this issue, will delete them again. Switch back to the monitor tool and check which process access your KSP install directory, hopefully it will not just show the explorer.exe but another program. Not quiet sure if that's how this tool works, haven't tried it before. You can also look for some other thirdparty tool if you want.
  10. Huh, again this issue? Well, something is messing around with your KSP install and deletes essential files (for example the localization folder, that's why you don't see the usual loading screen texts). The first time I've seen this issue here in the forum, the reason was the crappy twitch/curse launcher. If you use it as well, uninstall it and try again. The second time, we didn't found out which program caused this issue but my other guess would be a antivirus software, so you probably want to deactivated it temporary for testing purposes.
  11. Yeah, I've noticed all the posts of you, I just thought I may point you in a more promising direction since I think you try to find out why your game crashes. Btw.: The 'Texture resolution is not valid for compression' entry will also be created for stock textures from the MH expansion, so I think it is more like an info and not an error/warning.
  12. This one is indeed harmless. If you want to see something really bad cluttering your log, you should look at the end. There are a lot (335) ArithmetricExceptions caused by Atmospheric Autopilot and even more (2397) 'Infinity or NaN floating point numbers' caused by MK2Expansion.
  13. You have to look away so the magic can happen. Rovers are known to be shy, so just switch to another scene or watch the progress secretly from the tracking station
  14. 4x4cheesecake

    Searching for KSP 0.17

    Are you sure this is possible for 0.17? The oldest steamdb entry I can find is from November 13, 2013 which should be equal to KSP 0.22 but I cannot test it right now
  15. 4x4cheesecake

    [WIN] Flyby Finder V0.86 [KSP1.3]

    That's why I switched to "Precise Maneuver". It doesn't mess around with the prograde vector while editing the normal vector but it contains a button to do "perfect" inclination changes. Also, you will probably never hit the perfect transfer window since FBF doesn't know anything about the ship position in orbit so you will always need a second,third...burn to do some corrections, especially when you go for multiple flybys and you need to adjust the time for the ejection burn. Sometimes, because your ship will be on the wrong side of the start planet at the calculated UT, sometimes because a moon will be in your way. You better don't try to get every encounter in a single burn, it will drive you crazy