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  1. OOHH, I misread that I thought you're suggesting to set the KSP directoy to read only so it's not possible to remove any files and once the game is installed, everything stays in place. Though, it would most likely prevent you from saving anything... Your thought process makes a bit more sense^^
  2. Well, your version of PS was heavily outdated (mod version 2.5.3 for KSP 1.3.1) , I'm not surprised it caused issues. Try the latest version instead: https://github.com/prestja/ksp-planetshine/releases
  3. Does this not prevent you from saving the game and ships? If not, it's a neat workaround
  4. Since your flight log says "crashed into cube", I would be interested in your log file, to track down this mysterious cube. Please check out this post to learn about log files, where there are located and how to upload them
  5. For questions to a specific mod, I would recommend to ask in the mod thread directly. The people around there know the mod and may came across the same issue already. Best I can offer are two MM patches you can try but no idea if the effect is exactly what you are looking for. Little disclaimer: I've never used RP-1 and I came to the following results by looking at the source code and MM-patches of the mod. @PART[*]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleAvionics] { %toggleable = true %disabledkW = 0.1 } } You can also try to remove the module at all but no idea if t hat will bre
  6. That's pretty normal, yes. The final step to load the main menu can take some time and it can be faster or slower depending on your system specs and the amount of mods you have installed. As long as you actually get to the main menu, it's fine Yes, you can delete the empty folders
  7. Perfect I already spotted your mistake: You installed kopernicus and galaxies unbound in the wrong way. Looks like you just unzipped the mods directly into your game install and ended with this kind of file path: .../Kerbal Space Program/GameData/Galaxies_Unbound_A_Stellar_Odyssey-1.0.2-3/GU_A-Stellar-Odyssey/GameData/GU/... In 99% of the cases, every mod contains some kind of "GameData" folder which is supposed to help you to orientate. The "GameData" folder of the mod, is the exact same "GameData" folder of your KSP install. So to install a mod, you need to drop everything
  8. Would you mind to share your log file with us? Maybe we can find something you've missed Since you cannot attach files to a post directly, you need to upload it somewhere else, for example a cloud service like dropbox, one drive, google drive, etc... and share a download link with us. If it exists, you can also upload the kopernicus logs instead. Kopernicus creates a "ready to upload" .zip file wich contains pretty much everything you need t o diagnose kopernicus related issues. You can find this file (called "Logs-Kopernicus.zip" in "your_KSP_install_directory/Kerbal Space Program/Log
  9. Did you come across a specific issue you want to solve? That would allow us to explain the process using that issue as an example. Depending on the error type, you have to look up the game logs and/or logs created my other mods (MM, Kopernicus,...) and/or the MM config cache. Then you have to locate the error and try to figure out: 1. what exactly does the error tells you? (nullRef, NaN, Array out of bounds,...) 2. which mod throws the exception/error? (for example by looking at the stacktrace which usually contains some more or less obvious hints) 3. when does the mod throw th
  10. I assume you play the game through steam? Try to delete the craft files not directly in the game directory but ingame through the "load craft" menu of the editor, then quit the game properly (no alt+F4, go through the menus). For some kinda weird reason, the steam cloud for KSP is configured to backup your craft files as well, so as soon as you delete them "outside" the game, steam will just think "oh, there is something missing, let me restore that for you" so you get them back all the time. Though, if you delete the files ingame and then quit, steam will update the information in the
  11. Hm...interesting. I have to try that If it happens again, keep a copy of the log Otherwise, enjoy playing
  12. Without a log file, this will always be a blind guess and pure luck to find a solution. Please run the game until it crashes, then upload the log file for us. If you are not familiar with the logs, please take a look at this thread: It contains all information about the location of the log file(s). You can either move the whole game files back into the original steam directory or just download a fresh copy of the game and copy and replace the fresh files with the files of your modded game. Or copy mods and savegames into the fresh install, both will work That woul
  13. Since you got "hide empty tech tree nodes", check the settings of the mod within your game difficulty settings for "remove empty horizontal/vertical space" and disable it, if these are enabled:
  14. well, it was worth a try I did some digging and found some similar issues of other games made in unity and this could be related to an unity issue running DX11 on onboard graphics. Luckily, KSP also supports OpenGL and probably still DX9, so we can try enforcing theses mode by using a startup parameter. To do this, right click the game in your steam library, go to properties and enter "-force-opengl" or "-force-d3d9" into the "Launch Options" field, like this: Just close the window afterwards and try to launch the game again. When I think about it, you can also try t
  15. My best guess would have been the graphics driver as well but just to rule it out, let's pick up the hint @OHara gave us: The game crashes right after initializing the hooks for the KSPSteamController.dll, so maybe this causes an issue. The easiest way to skip this initialization, is to start the game directly via the "KSP_x64.exe" and not through the steam client. This will cause the steam API to be missing during game launch which then fails the KSPSteamController.dll to load. So just navigate to your game directory (for example by right clicking the game in your steam library, then go to "m
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