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  1. Yes for SVE, no for SVT. Short answer: SVE + EVE takes care of the sky and SVT + kopernicus of the ground Slightly more detailed answer: EVE is indeed "just" the tool which allows to add clouds (and city lights) to the game but without any configs and textures, nothing will change by just installing EVE. SVE Provides these textures and configs, so it depends on EVE. SVT on the other hand, uses kopernicus to change ground textures (and adds additional ground scatter). Same principle but based on kopernicus: Kopernicus is "just" the tool which allows to modify celestial bodies but without a config, nothing will change (at least on the surface, some stuff may happen internally but these are unnecessary details now). SVT provides configs and textures to modify the appearance of the surface of celestial bodies and depends on kopernicus (but not on EVE).
  2. The option is not in the game, but in steam. I've recently described the procedure to someone else, who wanted to use the german translation. Just follow the same steps but set it to french
  3. Welcome to the forum @Azrael0904 right-click the game in your steam library -> properties -> language, select german in the drop down menu and Steam will download the required files for you Btw: if you try to load an existing savegame which was created in the englisch version of the game, it's possible that some words will still be displayed in englisch instead of german. Unfortunately, I don't know why this happens or how to fix it since I couldn't figure out a reason for this behavior. And just in case you prefer an answer in german: Mache einen Rechtsklick auf das Spiel in deiner Steam-Bibliothek, klicke auf Eigenschaften -> Sprache -> wähle Deutsch aus und Steam kümmert sich um alles weitere Falls du einen bereits bestehenden Spielstand lädst, welcher in der englsichen Version des Spiels erstellt wurde, kann es übrigens passieren das manche Worte nach wie vor auf Englisch angezeigt werden. Hab leider keine Ahnung woran das liegt, geschweige denn wie man das Ändern kann, da es aus technischer Sicht keinen Grund für dieses Verhalten gibt.
  4. There is a version of vessel mover, compatible with 1.7.1: https://github.com/jrodrigv/VesselMover/releases/tag/1.7.5 Like @pmborg already said, also try restock+ for the correct KSP version. Btw: the .version file is only relevant for KSP-AVC (and of course Mini-AVC) which just compares numbers to tell you, if there is an update available and/or the mod version is incompatible with your game version. It doesn't "unload" incompatible mods or prevents their execution.
  5. It takes some effort but it's possible to download very old versions of KSP through the steam console. There are quite a few tutorials on this topic in general since it's possible for every steam game, for example this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1086279994 The oldest available version should be 0.22, but I'm not absolute sure about this. The "manifest" list doesn't contain version numbers, just dates when theses were added to the library but if you compare it with the version history of KSP, you get an idea which manifest is required for a specific version: https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Version_history Also, keep in mind that steam doesn't provide full download speed for these old versions. It is slow....really, really slow and you don't get a progression bar. You may have to wait for an hour or two to get finish the download.
  6. It doesn't complain about a missing part, just an unknown part module and KSP doesn't tell me which one. I would actually expect a more detailed warning or error message as soon as I try to load it but it works just fine and KSP loads the craft without any issues. When I actually copy it to the subassemblies folder instead of the ships folder, so that's probably just my own fault Yeah, that's the case since the 1.6 update, IIRC. It shouldn't disqualify any entry which uses the old fuel pod since it is still linked as the required payload and I know for a fact, there is at least one entry here in the thread which got verified by myself anyway, exactly for this reason^^ Still, it's nice to use an alternative pod with the proper mass Btw: which parts did you change? On the first sight, I cannot spot any difference to the old pod
  7. It weights 40t, so it's perfectly fine For some reasons, it says "unknown part modules" for me but still loads fine though.
  8. Stuff like this should be reported to @VITAS or in general in the spacedock thread: This one in particular, was reported there 6 hours ago
  9. You did a great job on clipping these parts, I didn't notice it until you've mentioned it Thanks for clarification on the used parts and congratulations to your badge Wow, that's impressive It's arguable if this is actually still a shuttle by the definition in the OP since you didn't land horizontally, but...3.44 tons?! You sir, got some serious skills and the new SRBs seem to work very well and so does the Spark engine. Since you've used the SRBs just to gain altitude but no horizontal speed, I wouldn't expect you to reach an orbit but I'm definitely wrong there^^ Well done and much kodus for this tiny build I'll give it a shot once I've updated to 1.8 Thank you very much for sharing your craft and the mission report. You already earned the STS - 1 Commander badge with your Nano shuttle, I'll leave it to @michal.don if you get another badge for this one While speaking of @michal.don: He returned from his holiday and will take care of you guys again, so for now, this was my last review. Thanks again for giving me permission to look after this great challenge once more and thanks to everyone who participated during this time, I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did
  10. Welcome back Michal I hope you enjoyed your holiday and you overcome the jet-lag soon. Did you bring us some souvenirs like the last time? There were indeed quite some awesome entries in the last weeks, you'll definitely like them
  11. Oh cool, these are the new SRBs, aren't they? I haven't tried them yet but they look really nice You put a lot of details on your shuttle and the payload, even the launch clamps are covered and the "heatshield" of the orbiter looks beautiful The flight itself looks very stable and the gimbals on the SRB seem to help a lot to vector the thrust properly during launch. You reached an orbit with ease and I'm not sure if you overshot the KSC on purpose to fly a little loop like the real shuttle or if it happened by accident but it definitely worked out very well I have two questions before I'll reward you with a badge though: 1) Did you use any mods? Looks like it is pure stock but I want to be sure 2) How did you manage to add more then 120k units of LFO to your shuttle?! That's insane
  12. Ok, let's see what we got here I said it already but let me repeat myself: You've done an amazing job on this telescope. It is indeed "slightly" different to a "goo in a can" Beautiful usage of the robotic parts to fold the telescope so you can perfectly use the available space in the cargobay. Once the telescope is put together in space with some help of these nice tittle MMUs and it starts to unfolds, I had a "wow" moment...it looks a bit messy in the first moment but it becomes beautiful very quick. Much kudos an this design, I really love it! Beside of the telescope, you've demonstrated some nice piloting skills. While it is comparatively easy to launch into an inclined orbit, it is pretty tough to perform a precise landing without going to an equatorial orbit first but it looks like you did it with ease. Well done For a brief moment, I thought you lost an elevon on the runway but apparently, it's just one of the landing lights xD Out of curiosity: Have you tried to roll the shuttle during the launch instead of putting it on the pad in the required orientation to archive an inclined orbit? It's surprisingly challenging with an asymmetrical design and I never managed to pull it off properly Congratulations to your well deserved commander badge Thank you The landing looks solid and well performed as usual, so I'm happy to hand out a new badge to you. Congratulations The link works fine this time I really like your shuttle design, it looks modern and slim which is quite impressive for a mission which requires some heavy lifting Solid launch and stage separation, well done so far. Unfortunately, I have to tell you about two issues on your mission: 1) You left the fuel pod in an orbit which doesn't fulfill the tolerance requirements. You got an Ap of 88.0208km and a Pe of 87.8512km which sums up to a difference of ~170m between these points while just 100m are allowed. Even before you deployed the pod, you were above the tolerance (122m) 2) You forgot to add a screenshot to prove, the fuel pod is still fully fueled after deploying it. I'll leave it up to you, if you want to redo the mission or fix this one. For example, it would be perfectly fine for me if you launch another shuttle to deliver a little (RCS powered) tug to the pod, dock to tug to the pod and adjust the orbit. Put the tug back into the shuttle and land it back on Kerbin. If you've accidentally used any fuel from the pod, you should just redo the mission though. Regarding the landing: Even if you don't feel confident to land on the runway and the mission description says "land wherever you like", it is not recommend to land in the ocean since the orbiter is meant to be reusable Well, you seem to have some issues with the landing gear, so this was actually the only way to land it in this case but it would be much more elegant to fix the gear and land land on solid ground
  13. Wow, that's quite a lot of new content here, makes me happy every time Ok, where did I stop *scroll up* Oh, this is cool. I'm impressed you manged to balance out such a small vessel properly and you can actually land it on some gear, not just a parachute. Well done! Thanks for adjusting it, the new orbit is very close to be perfect. You deserve this badge, congratulations Would be worth a discussion. The definition states: which can be interpreted like "in a horizontal orientation". The first picture in your link show the orbiter in a horizontal orientation but on chutes, so basically just moving vertically but not prograde/forward. I think, it would still satisfy the definition even though it is a bit "edgy". Also, it would be really tough to land it on the runway, so it's will become more challenging to obtain a commander badge. I would love to hear the opinion of @michal.don on this topic, he will be back from his holiday soon Wow, these are the smallest KMUs I've every seen and they still look like some actual orbital construction equipment I love it! Are there even any reaction wheels on it? Must be hard to do a precise docking maneuver with such a light vehicle controlled just on RCS. Also the telescope which comes with a hinged lid, just beautiful Uhm...am I blind or did you forget to include the landing of STS - 3 in this album? The second picture loos like from reentry but that's it...nothing else The landing is a important part of every mission, without a documentation of it, I cannot reward a badge, I'm sorry I hope you just forgot to include them in the album or you got an savegame befor you landed... Is this supposed to be a single picture or a full mission report? The design looks really cool, looking forward to see it in action I already took a first look and the design is just amazing, beautiful usage of the robotic parts. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do a proper review right now but don't worry, I didn't forget you Also, thanks for jumping in to answer some questions here Will be back tomorrow with plenty of time for the review such an entry deserves
  14. Thanks and enjoy your new badge Awwww, it's so cute Really well performed mission in a very unique shuttle, I love it. You don't seem to have a lot of fuel reserves, how many tries did it take for you to get into an orbit? Also, probably the first time I've witnessed an "upside down" aerobreak to protect the landing gear while exposing a kerbal to the atmosphere...whatever it is in the helmets, they should use it to build landing gears out of it Thanks for including the craft file, I'll give it a try...looks like a lot of fun For the sake of completeness, please add a complete modlist if you want to participate in any further mission as well. The craft file is evidence enough for this time though Congratulations to you very well deserved badge Cool stuff When you say "abort system" does it mean you are able to separate the cockpit and land it like a small,. bulky plane? You get quite a lot of horizontal thrust during launch, don't you? It's not a bad thing and you reached an orbit with ease, it's just something I've noticed^^ I'm curious since you didn't include a screenshot which shows the orbital parameters of the orbiter before the ComSats are deployed: Did you actually park the orbiter in a stationary orbit or is it an elliptical orbit and the satellites reached their final orbit on their own power? Speaking of orbital parameters: The second ComSat is not positioned very well, its orbital period is 14min longer then a Kerbin day, at least in the screenshot. Did you adjust it's orbit afterwards or do you have at least some RCS fuel left to allow such a correction? No badge yet but if you can provide a screenshot of the second ComSat which shows a decent amount of monoprop in it's tanks (1-2 Units should already be fine, doesn't take a lot to adjust the orbit), I'm willing to hand out a badge to you. Of course, you can also actually adjust the orbit but it would be already fine for me to know, that would be possible
  15. Welcome back to the challenge That's a really cool replica you've build there, even the with a "heat shield" at the bottom, I like it The flight looks very controlled at every moment, really unfortunate that you didn't make it to the runway Before I can reward you a badge, I need a complete mod list. I can see some visual stuff and KER but there are also some parts on the shuttle which are probably not stock (I'm having some trouble to identify the OMS engines and the bottom 'cap' of the external tank). Welcome to the challenge I'm not sure if we already had a MK1 shuttle in this thread, it's definitely not a common thing...I like it These are some powerful boosters for such a small, non-cargo shuttle. You may want to consider to reduce the thrust at launch to prevent reentry effects on your way up Beside of that, your shuttle performs very well, really unfortunate that you missed the runway though. Congratulations to your first badge If you want to continue this challenge, and I really hope so, I have a little request: Please don't cut the screenshots. If you want to emphasis a detail on the picture, you can write a comment about it in the imgur album. For example: When you cut out just the orbital info display, there is absolute no way to tell, if these numbers are actually from this flight. Just post the full screenshot and write "orbital parameters" or something like this on it Regarding the chute: I cannot remember a rule which prohibit the usage of chutes in "mid air". You may get a problem, when you land the orbiter by using just chutes since it is technically not a horizontal landing which is required (definition of an orbiter in the OP) but it is totally fine to fire a chute during the descent to slow down a bit more or just by accident I'm a bit short on time and have to go, but I'll be back in a few hours to review the other entries