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  1. By the way: Did someone already found any information about the scale of the planets compared to KSP? Kerbin (let's hope it's still the homeplanet) looks a bit bigger, doesn't it? They probably didn't bother about it in the cinematic trailer but during the shot from the surface of the Mun, Kerbin looks huuuuge.
  2. I'm watching the opening night stream for the gamescom in germany right now, and just a few minutes ago, KSP 2 was announced for the next year. So far, just a cinematic trailer but it loos like the same universe (Duna was clearly visible, also Laythe and Jool) and a quiet a few fancy parts. I'm a little bit hyped edit: almost faster then the official forum announcement
  3. Hey shuttle pilots A few month ago, @michal.don asked me to take over the challenge temporary to keep it running while he cannot review new mission reports due his busy real life. Originally, this was planned for the duration of ~a month which is slightly exceeded by this time That's partially my own fault because I enjoyed it to run this challenge and I didn't want to give it back But now, it's actually my own real life which becomes very busy, so I'm happy to announce the return of @michal.don to the challenge. From today, he will take care of you again @michal.don Thanks again for letting me run one of the most prestigious challenge on the forum, and also a big thanks to everyone who participated during this time. Keep the shuttles flying
  4. Glad to see you back so soon but unfortunately, I have some bad news for you. First of all, you are not qualified to submit an entry for STS - 4/4R yet, because of rule #10: You have to do STS - 2a and STS - 3 first. Beside of that, I wouldn't allow another report which misses pictures of critical phases of the mission, in this case, the launches of both shuttles. When you get distracted by the phone, you can still pause the game (I personally like to record my flights, so I can take screenshots after everything is done.) Finally, I'm a bit disappointed to see so many mod icons on your screenshots, after I've asked for a complete mod list the last time and you didn't mention any of them. While you are probably technically correct and you only used kerbal alarm clock, I would love to see the whole list anyway so I can put you in the correct category. All the mods I can see so far, would still allow you to earn the stock badge though but not every mod has an icon... You may want to consider to setup a separate install for the challenge and install just the mods you actually need and want to use. Since it looks like you're having a little performance issue (yellow clock), this would probably even increase your FPS Wow, that's a huge, great looking shuttle! Looking forward to see your first mission report
  5. You can check the MM log to figure out, which patches are applied to specific parts. MM writes a separate log into "Kerbal Space Program/Logs/ModuleManager/MMPatch.log" (usually it's also dumped into the regular log files of KSP but this one contains just the MM patch information). Search for the name of the part and you should find something like this: Applying update CommunityResourcePack/SurfaceScanner/@PART[SurfaceScanner] to Squad/Parts/Resources/SurfaceScanner/SurfaceScanner.cfg/PART This should allow you to identify every patch which is applied to a part. To prevent these patches to be applied, you have to know how these parts are identified, for example by the part name, the name of a module, etc... Then, you can add a patch to change this identifier in the part, for example by renaming it and run this patch in :FIRST and another patch to undo these changes in :FINAL.
  6. I noticed a few things already in your reports but I missed the double gears and other small details like the fairings. It's definitely noticeable you did these missions before and thought a lot steps ahead in for your design, just brilliant Do you plan to land on Tylo during the Jool STS - 1or did you just try to build a shuttle which theoretically can land there?^^ Yeah, the heating can be an issue on MK2 parts. Haven't used them for quiet some time for a spaceplane or shuttle but if I remember correctly, a shallow reentry trajectory should help Don't worry about additional screenshots this time. If you have one from the map view or with a mission time above > 30min, feel free to add it anyway for the sake of completeness but I'll trust you in this case. Just keep it in mind for the next mission and I really hope, there will be one So congratulations to your first badge
  7. WIth or without refuelling?^^ Welcome to the challenge I'm always glad to see some new pilots here and you even build a MK2 shuttle...we had just a few of them so far Your flight looks very controlled from the launch until the landing, well done! Before I can reward you a badge, I'll need a complete mod list from you (if you have any installed). Also, while screenshots without the UI look very nice, they are not the best choice to actually prove your achievements during a mission. Right now, I have absolute no idea if you actually reached an orbit (can be an suborbital flight as well) or if you have used an autopilot or an infinite fuel cheat. I'm always inclined to trust everyone who submits an entry but sometimes someone missed or misinterpreted a rule or mission requirements, so I need a way to check this. The UI and sometimes a screenshot of the map view (in this case to show an actual orbit) would be nice to see So, if you want to submit even more mission reports, please keep this in mind This time, like I said, I'll just trust you but if you have a quicksave after your orbiter reached space, it would be also nice to post another screenshot of the orbit in your map view
  8. @Kerbolitto Truly, some amazing work and a very capable shuttle. Thanks for sharing your second run on these mission
  9. Take a look at this thread, it will probably help you:
  10. You may want to provide a log file. If no one had the same issue previously and accidentally stumble upon your thread, it's pretty much impossible to help you without it
  11. This is a mission for "DMagic Orbital Science" parts. The OP contains a few information about this: The mod contains two science parts for this: "Big Brother Stereo Surveillance Camera" and "Little Brother Surveillance Camera". In order to complete this contract, put the little camera on a vessel, dock it to the station "Space Lab 1" and run the experiment Why the little camera? Well, I've peaked into the source code and you need the little camera to perform a "trivial" recon contract but I guess, there is a way to figure this out ingame and I just don't know about it, sry^^
  12. Not in stock, but there are at least two mods for this. Both are very similar, the OP of these threads should give you an good first impression:
  13. Yes. Model, texture and configs are loaded separately and put together after all components are present. I would suggest to rename the files instead of deleting them, so if you actually need one of them, they can be easily restored. You can also use Janitors Closet to prune parts ingame. In this case, Janitors Closet will rename the model and the config so these files are not loaded on the next game launch but it will not touch the textures (you have to rename them manually). To prune parts with JC, hold down alt and right click on a part in the editor part list. Put the part on the block list and repeat this until you've removed all the parts you don't want. Then, click on the mod button in the toolbar, choose "perma prune" and JC will prune every part which is currently on the block list. Keep in mind, that some mods (for example Missing History) may require some of the stock parts to work properly.
  14. The output_log is still generated even without this option but since 1.4 it's saved in a different location, at least on windows PCs. Since you posted your log already, I guess you found it anyway Not sure if MJ changed, I don't use it...but I've peaked into the source code and found the part which prints out this log entry, locked behind the "verbose" option
  15. Do you have "Verbose Logging" enabled in your game settings? It can be found in the "General " tab on the right side. If it is enabled, turn it off and the "Remaining in Ascent" log spam should stop. The missing icon is from "Kerbal Actuators". Cannot find a forum thread to this one, I guess it's part of a collection of mods made by @Angel-125? At least, here is the github link: https://github.com/Angel-125/KerbalActuators/releases