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  1. What you are looking for is Ship Save Splicer: This little mod can export a vessel and creeate a .craft file from it
  2. 4x4cheesecake

    incorrect twr?

    That's the vacuum TWR and not ASL TWR Check your settings for the dV readout: Vacuum: ASL:
  3. Also, you cannot burn normal or antinornal whenever you want, or at least, you shouldn't. To change the inclination, you want to burn at the ascending or descending node of the orbit. Otherwise, you are going to flip the orbit around in any direction but not the one you want. If you don't know it yet: the ascending and descending node is the point where your orbit crosses the equatorial plane of the planet/moon you are orbiting. This happens exactly two times. If your vessel is going to move up/in normal direction relative to the equatorial plane after crossing this point, it is the ascending nide, otherwise the descending node. Burn anti-normal at the ascending node to decrease the inclination and normal if you want to increase it and vice versa on the descending node.
  4. It depends on the position relative to the CoM. If the control surface is in front of the CoM, the deploy directions are reversed Try to move the control surfaces to the back and check if it changes the behaviour.
  5. Hm....EVE got an issue while loading a config: [EVE CloudsManager]: Unable to parse config node: OBJECT { name = Kerbin-Auroras body = Kerbin altitude = 15000 speed = 0,200,0 detailSpeed = 0,600,0 settings { _DetailScale = 6 _UVNoiseScale = 0.1 _UVNoiseStrength = 0.01 _UVNoiseAnimation = 0.25,0.1 _Color = 255,255,255,165 _DistFadeVert = 1E-02 _DetailDist = 1E-09 _MainTex { value = GPP/GPP_Clouds/Textures/Aurora } _DetailTex { value = GPP/GPP_Clouds/Textures/AuroraDetail } _UVNoiseTex { value = GPP/GPP_Clouds/Textures/uvnoise1 } } layer2D { macroCloudMaterial { _MinLight = 0.55 _FalloffPow = 5 _FalloffScale = 5 _RimDistSub = 0.00001 _RimDist = 0.00001 } } } (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) EVEManager: Issue loading CloudsManager! Error: UnityEngine.UnityException: Unable to apply node! ---> UnityEngine.UnityException: Unable to parse "settings" in "OBJECT"! ---> UnityEngine.UnityException: Unable to parse "_MainTex" in "settings"! But I not sure why though...everything looks like it is installed properly. Please check the texture files of GPP_Clouds if this file actually exists: GPP/GPP_Clouds/Textures/Aurora.dds. I cannot find the file in the log so I have to assume it is missing (some others as well) so probably you just need to reinstall GPP_Clouds.
  6. Please upload a log file. Check this thread if you don't know where to find it:
  7. 4x4cheesecake

    Cannot Transfer Fuel

    Check your difficulty settings for 'Resource Transfer Obeys Crossfeed Rules'. If it is enabled, you cannot transfer fuel through parts, which doesn't allow crossfeeding. If it is disabled: This^
  8. Congratulations and of cause I want it to know^^ Thanks for sharing your results
  9. So, after basically doing this mission twice, here is: EVE STS - 1 This mission is brutal My first try on this was back in november but today, I finally finished it. It was the first mission for my new shuttle and it performed very well. There are still some flaws I've noticed during the flight, but they are easy to fix Not quiet sure though why the shock cones during reentry looks so strange... @FleshJeb I promised to ping you as soon as I've done this mission because you helped me out with a great idea to solve the heat problem during the aerobreak but unfortunately, it didn't work well enough. I've tried it many times and the selfmade radiator allowed me to fly at a lower altitude though the atmosphere of Eve but I wasn't able to get captured. I want to thank you (again) anyway and I hope you enjoy my mission report, even though it is a totally different shuttle which does not utilize a radiator^^ Everyone who doesn't know about the selfmade radiator yet, take a look here A small bonus from my first, messed up landing which resulted in a few nice shots Full album: https://imgur.com/a/cUrk9Y4 I totally forgot about my additional, not required payload (not shown above but in the album)...the CommSats will not stay in the high elliptical orbit but I have to adjust them tomorrow^^
  10. Everything from arriving at Eve to the aerobreak back at Kerbin, so yeah, basically the whole mission I'll try to repair it but since it is such a huge file, re-doing the mission is probably faster (and I have a savegame just after entering the SOI of Eve). I'm playing in window mode and after the transfer to Eve, I've recognized that I'm recording the whole screen and not just the game, so I stopped it, changed the settings and started the recording again. I guess, something went wrong there.... edit: The repaired video misses a lot of frames so the whole video shrunk down from ~3h to 48min. It doesn't even contain the part where my probe flew below 60km. Well, back to the command seat....
  11. 4x4cheesecake

    KSP Crash

    Except for the crash, the log looks fine though. I just have a few blind guesses: @depth453 Do you play in window mode and switch to another window during loading screens or when the game starts? For some reasons, every gameversion above 1.4.5 doesn't like that and will crash occasionally. You can also try to unplug your gamepad, at least for testing purposes. If none of the above changes anything, try to shrink down the size of your paging file or deactivate it completely (just google for 'win 10 paging file' and you will find a ton of tutorials how to do it). You already got 16GB of RAM, so a paging file of 32GB is not really necessary.
  12. Nope. I just spawned the orbiter on the runway and drove down to the SPH using the main engines or the OMS. RCS to drive backwards and do the fine adjustments. Then I spawned the next orbiter and proceeded as before All three orbiter got a steerable frontwheel, so it wasn't too hard. Took me ~20min to setup everything. Funny thing: When I tried this maneuver, I accidentally found the perfect altitude and angle for the aerobreak and I was able to do it on the first encounter as well. On my way back to Kerbin, I almost got the chance to do something similar and I got the chance to set up an maneuver to get captured by the Mun which also would put me in a almost perfectly equatorial orbit around Kerbin. Unfortunately, the trajectory would not cross Kerbins atmosphere and the remaining and I there is not enough dV remaining to perform a second burn and actually land. Got a new problem though...since I record all my flights so I can create screenshots after the mission is done: It looks like the file got corrupted this time and I got a 27GB video which cannot be played
  13. @michal.don Quick question regarding EVE STS - 1: Am I allowed to perform a flyby of Eve before I actually perform the aerobreak and still qualify for the commander badge? The usual hohmann transfer creates an encounter around the Pe but even after hours of trying, my best attempts still loosing a part due overheating (the shielded docking port on the nose), or I just don't get captured. I want to try to perform a flyby which kicks me into an orbit below Eve and allows me to create an encounter around the Ap. I hope that the lower orbital speed will allow me to aerobreak without loosing any parts
  14. 4x4cheesecake

    RSS Cloud problem [SOLVED]

    EVE doesn't do anything without a config, in case of RSS, I would suggest to try:
  15. 4x4cheesecake

    The great forum test thread!

    Curious what happens if I ping myself.... @4x4cheesecake edit: Apparently, nothing...I was hoping for something like 'You have mentioned yourself in a topic'