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  1. Well, that's a surprise And its actually me who has to thank the community because without others contributing on this topic, it would be still this half baked solution I came up with originally and definitely not as helpful as it is right now. So thanks to everyone who contributed to it and especially @Lisias for pushing me to edit the OP, turning the thread into an actual useful collection
  2. Because the idea was/is to solve the issue by manipulating the game launch options, not by writing a batch script. Of course, such script can be used as well but I guess it comes with the same caveats as other solutions: if you launch the game executable directly, it changes the working directory of KSP, thus breaking many mods which rely on it. So you could try using a shortcut to the executable in the script to circumvent that issue but that again, would break the steam features. Since you're already using a script, it would be possible to extend the script to manually attach the steam overlay to the game process but at that point, the rabbit hole got so deep you may want to look for a slightly simpler solution In the end, such script is just a different approach for the same issue, but it may look a bit more intimidating to less tech savvy people in comparison to a one-liner in the launch options. Might be just my impression though
  3. Ok, rework of my OP is done and I hope I got it right when I tried to sum up the pros and cons of each solution. Also included my janky solution of using the windows CMD simply because I think its funny and catches the kerbal spirit
  4. Oh, yeah... I feel you *hug* Hm... I don't know... my janky solution using the windows command line might work at least on windows, though I haven't done any extensive testing on that one (just checked the log to verify the working directory and if the steam overlay pops up). And apparently, its also possible to manually hook the steam overlay into the game after launching it from a shortcut but that probably requires some individual scripts on linux, mac and windows. Actually, the best solution would be if steam asks you if you want to play the game or start up the launcher. I've seen it in other games but right of the bat, I just remember Elden Ring having one of these pop ups: Though, I guess its on purpose this doesn't happen already. Don't worry about it, its fine. I should have given at least a little heads up that I wont be able to perform any big edits on my OP before the weekend to make it less frustrating for you, that's my bad. In the end, we both try to help others in the best possible way and I appreciate every input I've got from posts in this thread
  5. Sorry, have been busy all week long I hear you guys, and even though I disagree that parts of my OP should be removed, I'll take care of it in a way it's still available but "out of focus". I just really dont like the idea of actually removing parts which where discussed in a thread and maybe even quoted, it kinda breaks the "archival" properties of a forum, IMO. KSSL might not have any collateral effects in terms of "it breaks something" but its a mod someone might don't want to install (or someone simply doesn't know how to use github) and you will even have to repeat the installation, if KSP actually gets another update. It is unlikely but nobody expected the 1.12.4 update as well. There is simply no "one fits all" solution but I'll try to edit my OP in a way to reflect the pros and cons of each possible solution, so everyone can decide which one fits best for them. I also dont mind to put them in an order of "most likely to be useful" with KSSL on the top. That being said, I'll keep it with a subtitle for today and start editing the whole thing tomorrow in the morning (I promise!) , I'm just too exhausted to do it right now
  6. As far as I know, the changed working directory only breaks some modded games but not the stock game, therefore the suggestion is still perfectly fine and the easiest way to bypass the launcher. The big red subtitle "for mod users" should direct people who play modded KSP to the other suggested bypass. In my opinion, its valid to keep a simple solution available to those who feel less comfortable to mess with their game install instead of showing just a more complex "one fits all" solution. Though, I might add a different subtitle to make it easier to differentiate between stock and modded ksp
  7. yeah, it's changed for the skin from 450K to 2706K (also some other properties like mass, emissive constant, etc...) I was only looking at your MM patch for the upgrade and went through the MM cache, seaching for "TPS" and I only found the upgrade for the MK1 cockpit. So, unless the other parts are addressed in a different patch and the upgrade is named differently, nothing else seems to be covered. Since you already mentioned that you don't have any access to a PC right now, feel free to PM me if you want to add some more part upgrades and I'll see if I can provides some more MM patches for you and create a PR on github, easy for you to merge even via phone
  8. So, I tried the hot spot mod and honestly, it wasn't as helpful as I thought, mostly because I wasn't able to get the overlay to work. As far as I can tell, it is supposed to replace the stock overlay but it just didn't work for me. The information provided in the PAW were pretty much the same as the stock debug information, so that didn't help much either except for having them available without the need to open the debug menu first. Anyway, I fixed my issue by simply re-arranging "physical" connection between parts and using the offset tool to put everything into the right spot. Btw. adding a radiator helped as well... kinda... the radiator introduced so much drag to my plane that I simply couldn't fly fast enough create enough heat for anything to explode Though, I'm thinking about writing a MM patch to solve the issue in a more elegant way, maybe by introducing a part upgrade (the TPS upgrade provided by DRE only applies to the MK1 cockpit and also doesn't affect max operational temp, just max skin temp) but I have to see if I want to spent a couple hours to get back into MM "coding".
  9. Not yet, I'll try it tomorrow. Re-launching my modded install takes like 10 minutes and I want to finish at least one of my long range flight missions today instead of playing around with new mods. But I'll come back to you and report some of my findings once I got around to try it out
  10. Don't worry, it's fine. Now that I know what is causing my issue, I can work around it. Either by building the planes differently or simply slowing down I mean, the whole point of running DRE is to increase difficulty and even though I didn't expect my planes to be affected by it, its a new challenge to tackle and I'm in for that
  11. Hottest part are my Wheesley turbofan engines, so I guess its coming from them? I honestly have no clue how heat transfer works in this game (screenshot is taken at a different time than the one showing the tail fin) The tail fins are actually attached to the second center fuel tank and the same applies to the fuel tanks on the wing tips. these parts are just offset a lot but its easier to built it this way to keep everything properly aligned. So, I assume heat transfer follows the "actual connections"...
  12. @Starwaster Ok, solved the mystery already xD It actually IS a heating issue: Once the internal temp of the part goes beyond the 450K operational temp. limit of DRE, part damage starts to built up and once it reaches 1.0, the part blows up, which, well... always happen after around 40- 45min if I fly my plane within the same parameters Its just misleading by the flight log that it claims g-forces to be the issue and not thermals or anything else and there is also no heat gauge showing up on the parts. I wonder if it would be possible to trigger some kind of warning heating gauge once you get close to the limit of any part?
  13. @StarwasterThanks for your reply Well, the flight log clearly says it happens because of g-forces (the actual KSP log doesn't say anything specific, just mentions that a part blew up) and the thermals actually are fine. Some light heating occurs but not for an extended period of time and the gauge is just like half way filled up aka just appeared. I also tried slowing down a bit to prevent any heat built up but it doesn't seem to prevent the parts from blowing up anyway. (I try to fly around 500m/s at an altitude around 9km to 10km). The PAW doesn't show any damage to the parts in question, though there is no engineer on board, so I may have to take one on a trip. I might do some more testing later, trying to minimize the installed mods just to be sure it really is DRE and not a combination of mods. I'll also play around with some of the debug information KSP provides on its own and keep you updated on my findings
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