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  2. Today I tried building a VTOL-Jet. And it worked out pretty well:
  3. Suit: Good work! But the seams between shoes/hands and the rest of the suit are looking too big. Helmet: As stated before, the grey color looks off and should be changed to white. The inside and visor are looking very nice! I especially like the shading of the glass
  4. I agree on your list of features, but would like to add one entry: detailed physics around multiple 'active' crafts (Maybe included in the third feature, or as first step towards a multiplayer mode). So your recoverable Boosters don't disappear magically while your main craft is reaching orbit/ goes farther away from the booster. Though I am unsure how this feature would be designed in detail. I did expected this from a space program simulator and was severely disappointment when i discovered this was missing. I hope it will be implemented with a DLC focusing on modern space missions.
  5. Northern Aero Tech Presents: The N500 Steam Workshop KerbalX Price: 136.297.000 Passenger Seats: 72 Takeoff Speed: 45 m/s Max Speed: 325 m/s (ASL) Cruising Altitude: 5600 m Cruising Speed: 280 m/s Range: 2800 km (hopefully we didn't got mixed up with the numbers, no refunds!) Parts: 35 Since the past page, there have been no new innovative, clean-sheet designs in the category of Medium Regional Jets. The wait is over. The N500 is the first new design, and it comes from the company most unexperienced to the in
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