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  1. I'm having a hard time installing this mod. I get an error message that pops up due to an 'exception in loading.' What do I do?
  2. @4x4cheesecake I followed everything you said here, exactly to the T and it finally worked! Thank you!
  3. Oops, forgot that one. I installed it, and put it into the GameData folder though it still comes up with the same message.
  4. Alright so I have done exactly that, I removed all other mods except for GPP and this is what happens. And this here is my Gamedata folder.
  5. I must have messed a few things up while installing mods, first off where would I find a module flight indicator file?
  6. I'll try to, I came here mainly to report an issue I had with mods. Otherwise, I've been doing ksp for the past 4-5 years or so.
  7. @Dman979 That's an entertaining graphic if I say so myself, thanks!
  8. So for the past few days I have been trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with planet mods. I use CKAN to install planet mods and they never end up working as in the new planets and such do not end up in the game at all. If anyone can help me with this I would be thankful, feel free to ask questions about this. This is my folder for the Gamedata.
  9. I've decided to create an account here, mainly to report a few issues I've been having with installing planet mods and maybe...be active. So hello there.
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