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  1. A qualified "Yes". Using a Windows 10 client (VM) on VirtualBox (Parallels or VMWare Workstation behaviour might be slightly different), I mapped a permanent Shared Folder to the folder on my Mac that I use to store my KSP installations. I "installed" CKAN on my Windows VM, pointed it at a test install of KSP on my Mac (1.8 in this case), and it was able to interpret which mods were installed and how (manually or via CKAN). I installed a new mod from the VM instance of CKAN and started up KSP from the Mac, worked fine, then un-installed it from my Mac instance of CKAN, and it correct
  2. So I'm running KSP 1.8 in windowed mode (1280x800) on my MacBook Pro / Catalina and the KSP window is very small, and UI elements are disproportionately large, except for the orbit lines in map mode, where the numbers (speed, altitude etc.) are very small. Running a similar config in 1.73 (also windowed, but at 1280x720) does not exhibit the same behavior. This behavior was the same for KSP 1.6x, 1.5x and 1.4x as well. The primary difference being that the 1.73 install has some sort of global scaling factor applied to the entire window (not the individual elements such as UI_SCALE_XXX val
  3. I've upgraded earlier this week to Catalina and can confirm that this is case. The command line and ConsoleUI options work fine, and performance (at least with ConsoleUI) is considerably better than the WinForms front-end, although not quite as functional.
  4. Hi, I've recently got into RP-1 after playing KSP for a little while. I'm running KSP 1.61, with the RP-1 and dependencies installed via CKAN, according to the instructions to install RO and RP-1 on KSP 1.61 on the RO/RP-0 github wiki. I've researched Early Tracking Systems to enable an upgrade to my tracking station from level 1 to level 2. Once researched, the cost is 25000 funds, but when I purchase the upgrade in the research and development facility, no funds are deducted, and if I upgrade the tracking station by right-clicking it and selecting upgrade, it's 75000 funds - i
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