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  1. Yeah, it's the limited edition to celebrate.. Exactly what they said in the article. This is the little thingy you get in the box: https://ibb.co/kwEYUK https://ibb.co/em2ZKK
  2. A lot of games these days seem to be limited by CPU, take Arma as another example, you'd almost need to double the clock speeds to get it run smoothly at 144fps 1440p on ultra. In the busiest areas I'm getting down to 55 frames. KSP on the other hand, I've seen 20 fps launching some utterly massive rockets while the 1080ti sits there doing nothing (42°c and fans stopped) Wonder if anyone makes a dual socket LGA1151 mobo with a Z370 chipset.. Also, I'm sure that ksp could be optimized to make use of the tensor cores in the new RTX2080ti. Though I personally wouldn't buy any of th
  3. I did. I assume that you paid for yours too, well.. unless you stole it of course.. which I guess isn't completely out of the question. I mean there must be some people playing KSP on stolen computers, just a very low percentage. It would take much longer to steal a computer though, like a TV you can just look at and see what you're getting, but a computer you'd have to open up and take a look at all the components just to make sure it's actually worth stealing. (and don't suggest turning it on and running dxdiag, thieves aren't that smart) but yes, just something to keep in mind next time yo
  4. Ugh, I wrote that early thismorning, and it's only now that I see all the swype keyboard errors. I'll fix it. But yes, these forums have been rather helpful in regards to getting my head around some of the features and componentry, like holding alt for fuel transfers and in the VAB.
  5. So this might seem obvious to some people, and believe me, I did search the forums before posting. Okay, onto the problem I'm having with Ksp. My computer specs are i7-8086k, 16gb 4133mhz trident, strix 1080ti 11g oc, 2tb m.2 970 evo & 1tb m.2 970 evo, Pg279q 144hz g-sync monitor. So I've tried looking through the settings and the menus in game, even tried turning the power off for the suggested 19 ¼ seconds and editing the registry keys, but nowhere can I find how to stop playing Ksp and get a job.
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