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  1. Sorry, i guess i should've worded that better. I was meaning more of will it be maintained in the future if it does break. Even with it working, it not receiving updates made me kinda worried that it might have been a short time jab at it just to see if something like that would work.
  2. On another note, will the modular missile parts mod be updated? I use the modular missiles quite a bit and id love to see the feature continued.
  3. I would PM you about this Papa Jones, but i dont have access to PMs on this account yet. I've started making some more realistically ranged radars for use with my procedural missiles i've built in FAR, specifically an AN/APG-71 is what i'm working on right now, but i can't figure out how to extend the range of the radar window that you open up in flight past 100km so my radars can be used to their fullest extent. Could you help me with this?
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