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    Making history for ps4

    There's no official word on it(I believe) but its definitely plausible!
  2. Got it working! The culprit was CKAN installing it incorrectly! I still love CKAN though!
  3. Yes, I installed module manager. What I mean by no buttons is that the button to see the stats is gone. Il try and install it manually!
  4. Nope, I would try the 1.4.2 version of the game. In Steam you right click KSP, press properties, press betas, then select 1.4.2. The mod may be incompatible with the newer version of the game!
  5. I installed the mod Kerbalism, everything works, like the parts, but none of the buttons are showing up. I'm not sure why. I have no other mods installed. I installed Kerbalism with CKAN. Any ideas? Thanks for your time to read this.