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  1. yea, but some people wont want a long term solution. Btw, the newest official patch for this does have the solar panels working
  2. To turn off the solar panels, I just do // @name = KopernicusSolarPanel In the solar config file. Much easier to comment out the line than anything else.
  3. So, after building the 1.5.1 patches that is on github, an evident bug is the solar panels broke (again). This may be why it is taking time to fix. Honestly, if you cant live without this mod, go to the last stable version of kerbal this mod works on and keep running your games till this is fixed. I mean, Surely this isnt the ONLY mod you waiting for
  4. Or do what I did and compile the changes made on the github yourself using Blend for Visual Studio 2017. I offer no support for that, and if you do that, you are under the full knowledge you are running a beta version of the update that is not officially released. So.. no support if it is buggy. That being said, if I DO see bugs, Ill put it in as an issue under the github.. you know, to make peoples lives easier. If you do decide to do that route... 1. Compile under the latest .NET framework.. 2. Part of the files has to be downloaded separately (you will know which one when the solution tells you its missing files, you can access it via github by browsing to the "missing" area. Its a linked repo you need to grab) 3. Build the solution to make your life easier If you did not understand any of that, i don't recommend building your own dlls. And to answer the question I'm sure people will ask... No, I will not provide the built DLLs. You should NEVER accept modified DLLs from ANYONE but a trusted source.