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  1. Can anyone read all the columns in the .csv file downloaded from MechJeb's flight recorder? For example, I can guess AoA is angle of attack, but even that I am unable to relate to the values in the column for pitch. Is AoS the "angle of slip"? And what is AoD? How are they calculated or how do they relate to pitch, yaw, roll? But really my biggest questions are about the columns for gravity loss, drag loss, and steering loss. How are these calculated? And how is the "delta-v expended" column calculated? I understand it should relate theoretical and actual delta-v, and I can
  2. OMG!! That was it - just had to try the download again. It got it - it's running - so happy! If I download with Firefox, and then check the "unblock" box in file properties before unzipping - well that does it!! Now I just need to learn how to read all this stuff. Fascinating!!! Impressive stuff, thank you so much for making this available.
  3. ok, that was definitely what happened - it's a work laptop and some antivirus software must have swiped out the executable during the install - arrrgh!! thank you for the feedback, so now I know to try again !
  4. Hi Arrowstar, the KSP TOT looks FANTASTIC - very impressive. I'm trying to teach myself orbital mechanics so I can add things into my calculus classes. I'm still having trouble just installing... I downloaded MCR and the KSP TOT package. I see the KSPTOTConnect folder and I copied it to the Gamedata folder in KSP. I just don't see the actual KSPTOT application anywhere. I'm afraid I have a failed installation. I think there was a message during installation about something being blocked. Is there something else I might be missing? Thank you so much for creating this a
  5. I want to share videos I made on the following topics: finding bearing for shortest path between two points on any planet: calculating velocity during launch: math in a trip to the Mun: Just having a lot of fun learning rocket science and want to share that...
  6. Hi, I made a series of videos using calculus to analyze a trip to the Mun, just sharing if anyone might be interested. My future plans would be landing on and exploring the Mun and launching a roadster to Duna. This would be to demonstrate a formula for direction of bearing on any planet, and also computing phase angle for interplanetary transfer orbit. Also there is a video on youtube by Walter Lewin where he discusses the changing orbits of a ham sandwich - I'd like to sometime reproduce that in KSP.
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