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  1. I would say try to reach every body solely in SSTOS, it's much more rewarding and i think they look prettier than rockets
  2. i could probably use the mk.1 service bay and clip it into there buuuut it's kinda ugly, not sure it would work, and seems a bit cheaty
  3. I'd say do it as a challenge, but it doesn't seem practical
  4. You're focusing on the wrong things man, KSP is already a great game. KSP2 is just an improvement on that
  5. it's doable! but it's just a bit too risky. but thank you, same to you!
  6. with a bigger ssto i could, i just try to make them as small as possible haha
  7. With SSTO's it's much better to fly flat and let your speed build to let the drag naturally push you upwards and then about halfway just keep it locked on prograde. This really might just be advice for craft that have a low thrust to weight ration but I thought I'd add this because it seems counterintuitive but it actually makes sense when you go this route
  8. the effect of it exploding and splitting the excrements completely in half was kinda cool in all honesty lol
  9. thank you for understanding the significance of this, also did not know that about the mk1 capsule
  10. honestly do not put this part on an SSTO (or spaceplane in-general), it makes re-entry a chore even if you never leave Kerbin's SOI. it "can" be done but i've found it very difficult for it to not explode and ruin the entire craft.
  11. best answer really, the problem is really straightforward it seems. i did add two heat shields in the front and back of the SJ and while it still overheated, it didn't explode. so the question has been answered and thank you for everyone's input and answers
  12. it means there are no stages in-general so im gonna have to argue that yes, it is an SSTO.
  13. it's an SSTO i honestly might put one in front of the SJ (again this is an ssto so i can't ditch anything) that may help.. hmmm