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  1. Oh neat, I got a head start on this challenge because I was already doing an Apollo 11 mission. I only got a few shots because I wasn't running it for the challenge but here we are! EDIT - Reloaded on the Mun and got screenshots for the rest of the mission. The Beast leaving the pad: Enroute to the Mun: Insertion Burn: One Kerbonaut in the CM and two on the Mun, though one stayed inside because they didn't want to get covered in dust: My screenshots end there because I couldn't plant a flag due to mods but the return rendezvous was successful as was the triumphant return to Kerbin. I overbuilt the lander so it could be used in a subsequent mission with a station in Munar orbit, but alas it was taken by the kraken after undocking even though it had a probe core. ***EDIT*** So I didn't like the inconclusive nature of this post so I loaded my quicksave on the Mun and reflew the part coming home. Continued: Rendezvous: Preparing for re-entry ( I ate up a lot of DV with a suboptimal return so I could get a light side landing for screenshots, but I still left half a tank in the lander for future missions) Home safe!
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