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  1. How can I send you a log? It´s an error without any message or log-file...
  2. Hello! Same problem like Bob Jub. Whenever I´m on my station, electricity is normal. I had enough batteries, solar panels, etc. But when I leave my station after the next day/night period, TAC send the message that electricity is running out.
  3. Dear @linuxgurugamer ! Many thanks for your fast support. Well done, it´s running.
  4. Dear friends! I´ve git problems with @linuxgurugamer mod Toolbar Control. I get the updated version of CKAN (v 1.25.4) and the latest version of KSP. CKAN list in compatible filter the Toolbar (blizzy78) version and the Toolbar Control version I know there is an updated version of Toolbar Control (1.5.1+), but CKAN don´t allow me to install this version, and CKAN don´t list the updated version. Sorry for my bad english... Please, can anyone help me?