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  1. Good day,

    Are you the same Von Frank who made the Helm's deep 2.0 map for Star wars Battlefront 1 2004?

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    2. Joey255


      Thanks a lot! Now realized the approval process

    3. VonFrank


      Hey, sorry for the long wait. I don't tend to check my messages on these forums very often...

      As for your question regarding Battlefront, I've been out of the Battlefront modding scene for quite a while now tbh. Also, the way maps work in that game means you cannot edit them once they are "packaged up" unless you recompile them from the original source files, which I no longer have. 

      Essentially, I would need to completely re-build the map from scratch. Sorry...

    4. Joey255


      thanks for the response

      i shall enjoy it as is then :sticktongue: