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  1. So it has been a year since it got announced I just wanted to post about it!
  2. So I have seen it has been delayed to 2021 ( I understand because of of COiVD 19 and other reasons). But I kind of want to play the games sooner so I want to know if they might be a public beta or alpha I mean I would buy it. Though COiVD 19 might be a issue though related I know this has been asked and asked but I want to know if there are any updates. Just a not for any people who don’t know this but I found a vuirs link to ksp2 (some click bate youtuber) I just want you to know stay safe every one! <snip>
  3. KSP on a 16 bit would be cool like a 2d game kind of like these “mobile ksp” clones.
  4. Umm the 1.7.3 version isn't working can someone please help?
  5. So these are just to questions I have if you know that would be nice. Also is there any mods to improve FPS?
  6. I asked something similar but someone said you can’t get the version I wanted (0.17). So in 2020 what is the oldest paid ksp version I can play please help.
  7. Hey is there any way to get the 1.4.2 version of this mod I have looked every were but to no av ell. I need it for the endurnce mod pack please help?
  8. I am running a x64 cpu (64 bit). So is there a way? With vista x64 or else I guess I will be playing 1.4 than. With the os what do you mean if you have a x86 (32 bit) cpu or both? And plus as a joke can you run a old version of ksp in a 16 bit CPU? Probably no because who uses a 16 bit cpu unless you are running old games.
  9. So I have been playing the old versions below 0.13 and than I wanted to play version 0.17 but I can’t find any way to find The version it an also making a YouTube video that needs this version. I own the game on GOG and Steam. If any one could help that would be nice. Thanks in advance-KSPortalcraft edit my English is not good I am going to fix it.
  10. So I checked on the ksp form on the official website saying it will work on vista I am using a pc with 8gb of ram a 1060 3 go and a core two quad at 2.44 gh. Sorry I have trash English please help I know that on gog it says it only supports 7+ but they don’t say vista below in a lot of games that sould work on win 2000 and Trearia worked fine (I misspelt it). Even with it saying only 7+. Plus trearia worked fine and installed fine. Please help and don’t say JuSt UpDaTe To WiNdOwS 7. I like vista and plus I am doing a vista for a week change.
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