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  1. So here it is June. I did get through to daspenguin. Based on his response it looks like we'll be relaxing the license. I've already done some advance work on seeing what other similar mods were using for licenses and I was surprised by how few projects with art assets had open licenses on the art. Plenty have open license for the config and code but the models and textures remain non-open. So I have some work ahead of me to do a review of the license options available to find one that's a good fit.
  2. Instead of saying no I'm going to revisit this question in a couple months. Let's say June. (begin rambling) I'm trying to figure out how to explain that we always figured that KSP would evolve either technically or part wise such that this mod would be obsolete. The technical changes did happen and KSP has a lot of features that were not available when I designed these parts. Which is to say I'd have designed it differently if I had done it today. There's a two year gap in my KSP installs so I gather it's been a while. I'm trying to figure out if designing parts for KSP is a thing
  3. Without getting into details this is a terrible idea. Please don't do it.
  4. Ah, I misunderstood. DasPenguin will update the OP when the new update is published.
  5. Read the included ReadMe.txt. You'll find me in the credits. In other news I broke Unity when I tried to install v5.whatever on my mac. I made some attempts at fixing it and then moved on to installing Unity on my windows pc. I haven't tried to move my project files over to see if they're still usable but if not I'll have to reimport the whole mod into a new unity project. Not the end of the world but it is a fair amount of importing and tweaking so let's all hope that I can move the existing project over.
  6. An update for KSP v1.1.X is coming. XCOM: Long War and research for other projects is soaking up what would otherwise be my development time. I'm way behind on the BoxSat thread. Are there any major issues I need to address during testing? I saw some statements about RSS+RO not being compatible but no specifics so I have no way of knowing what sort of problem to look for.
  7. I have some vague recollection of getting the same error a long time ago but I'm pretty sure that was due to out of memory/too many mods. Since it seems like we're on plan C I'll need your logs <insert settlers of catan joke here>. I'll check some things out on my end as well. There isn't anything complicated about the RCS part. I've tried mangling a working install in various ways to reproduce the freeze on load screen you're describing but so far it just doesn't load the broken part. I need more information. Send log files. Bonus shot-in-the-dark answer: Make sure you don't have
  8. Plan A: Without knowing the entire situation of your KSP install I recall that this typically happens to me when I am out of memory/too many mods. Please try installing boxsat to a clean copy of KSP to verify. Plan B: delete GameData/BoxSatAlpha/RCS/RCS_Tri_Small.cfg and see if it works. If that fixes the problem then maybe your boxsat download or install is bad and you should download and reinstall. If this just moves the problem to a different file then I think that says plan A is more likely. Plan C: let me know that none of that helped and we'll proceed to looking at the various KSP
  9. I can only find low detail renders of this antenna. Do you have any high quality (2MP+) pictures? Our planned parts list is pretty solid and does include a couple more antenna. I'm also hoping we'll be back in production mode soon.
  10. BoxSat vA.02F has been posted to curse. This version is updated for KSP 1.0.4. DasPenguin should be updating the original post soonish. Share and Enjoy.
  11. As a compromise I'll have daspenguin put it up with both formats so everyone can be confused.
  12. All of these things happened. I won't get into the personal details but I'll cover the mod development aspects. Basically thermal stuff is hard. I want parts that burn up during reentry and I've struggled to get the game to do this without a lot of other issues. One of the major problems is that solar panels are far more durable in the atmosphere than I would like and I haven't found a way to change this. They're so durable in fact that they act as air brakes and slow the reentering satellite below the speed at which reentry heating would cause the satellite to burn up. The route I eventu
  13. Are you using 1.0.3 or 1.0.4? I haven't updated BoxSat yet and the new thermal mechanics mean I probably need to retune BoxSat's thermal settings.
  14. So the story with this part is that I set it up to not be available unless you used the optional MM file that unlocks the part. It was intended to be optional for people who wanted an upgraded probe module in career. When they added the new ways of filtering parts it became visible even when the MM file wasn't installed. I'll have to change how that part is created so that it only exists if you have the optional module manager file loaded. For right now you can copy the "create_SASservicelevel_upgrade_part.cfg" file to your "BoxSatAlpha/Active_ModuleManager_Files" folder (or anywhere in ga
  15. The Payload Frame is the mount for a set of larger Payload Modules. The engines being the first modules of this larger size. They can also be swapped with KIS.
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