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  1. ok thanks, so this is my plan, get the new ryzen CPU 16 GB of DDR4 Ram 3200mhz B450 Tomahawk motherboard Coolermaster Lite 5 case EVGA Super nova 650 G3 power supply Some SSD Storage So what would you recommend for a graphics card that fits that setup?
  2. I am planning to use a Ryzen 5 2600 and a NVIDA 2060 for it. Also some 16 gb 3200mhz RAM. I think its overkill but I just want to make sure.
  3. I have created this Ultra Lifter that can deliver up to 300 tonnes to LKO But if anyone can somehow try to make this a 2 stage rocket, that would be fantastic. KerbalX Link: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/53519/edit
  4. Now, I am currently thinking about upgrading my crappy iMac that is really old to something better. I have about a $1000 budget and I am planning to use AMD processors. What would you recommend? And also, do I need a graphics card? How much Ram is a good amount to run mods like EVE or Scatterer?
  5. Here is my latest craft, the Strato Cruiser Hypersonic Private Jet Download: https://kerbalx.com/Kerbodyne/Strato-Cruiser-Hypersonic-Private-Plane Crew Capacity: 18 Top Speed: Ma 4.2
  6. I have created this prototype hypersonic private jet: https://kerbalx.com/Kerbodyne/Strato-Cruiser-Hypersonic-Private-Plane Crew capacity: 18 Top speed: Ma 4.2 Here are some pictures:
  7. This is pictures of my newest prototype aircraft, The Super Vulcan Hypersonic Passenger Aircraft: Download: https://kerbalx.com/Kerbodyne/Super-Vulcan-Passanger-Aircraft
  8. Today, I have made the 1st prototype of the Super Vulcan Hypersonic Passenger Plane (Carrying 36 Kerbals and 1 pilot): Max Speed: Ma 3.75 Download: https://kerbalx.com/Kerbodyne/Super-Vulcan-Passanger-Aircraft  Check out my other crafts on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Kerbodyne/craft
  9. For the mainsail boosters, I ditched them but I had to go to the tracking station and terminate them because when the engines ignited, it would cause them to blow up and cause the rocket to lean on one side. The side fins did actually blow up in the mission but due to the rocket being very long, it liked to flip itself when the fins blew up. I had to turn reetry heating down to stop the rocket from fliping when the fins exploded. I also tested the rocket landing without those fins and it still worked. The main purpose of the fins is actually for the Kerbin accent and not the Eve decent. I only kept the mainsail boosters attatched due to the final burn for landing because I did not have enough parachutes. Also, the rules did not mension anything about reetry heating so thats why I kept the photo on there.
  10. And repaired it with only Flex tape @Lo Var Lachland thank me later for finishing your sentence. Also, I would actually recommend sandbox mode @GeraldineRankin. This is because you can unlock all the parts and have fun with them. It is easier to get to the Mun for example with all the parts than with only a couple of liquid engines and solid fuel boosters. However, due to the amount of parts, you might get lost, I would recommend you to have a read through the KSP wiki parts page (Here) to get some basic understanding of what some parts do. Eg the Kalw or the Convert-O-Tron 125 series. This is how I got started so I would recommend this to anyone starting off as well.
  11. I have also finished my Mun base assembled in Kerbin orbit and landed it:
  12. Build a Minmus surface base with a crew capacity of 26 crew: Science lab rover behind the main base: Also, There is 2 science rovers attached to the front of the base.
  13. Challenge No 4 Collect 25 ore with mining equipment on Eve. Craft Cost 995,542 Kerbal thingys Craft Mass: 2291.4 Tones Mission Duration: 396d ISRU Used Built in KSP 1.7 (The rules said 1.6 but it this allowed?) Mods: Only Mechjeb is used for the mission At Launchpad: Launching: (Frame rate is terrible) In Orbit Around Kerbin: In Orbit Around Eve (Circularised by aero braking. Btw the side boosters are still on because I transferred fuel to them due to bad TWR for landing.) Landing at Eve: Landed At Eve: Taking Off From Eve: (Most Stressful Part Of The Mission) Burn Back To Kerbin: Kerbin Almost Reentering: Home Sweet Home:
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