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  1. You my friend are a genius, thanks it worked, please give my kindest regards to you cats! The only flaw i noticed was with the RCS not working, but i don't need those to recreate actual and proposed missions. Thanks again!
  2. Hello all! Does anyone know of a fix for getting SSTU Orion Service module And capsule working in 1.7.3? The fuel configuration disappears when you go to launch. Thanks so much!
  3. That's very impressive if you could get it to work with 1.7 running RO! i'm currently trying to strip out the Orion parts because with ROEngines and ROCapsules we have pretty much most of what we need. I couldnt find another set of Orion parts that looked as good. "Space Launch System Basic Version" is very nice but the RCS's are broken on the Service Module. I'm sure this will be a fun project.
  4. Sorry for the delay, the files are here. For the log, i removed the one there then started the game added the parts, went to launch then closed the game after saving. Game: 1.6.1 RO: 1.6.1 SSTU: Latest 1.6.1 I'm not sure if i mentioned this, but this issue only occurs when running everything on 1.6.1 Thanks!
  5. @Starwaster I realize it seems that way, but what i'm trying to explain is that while in the VAB the Service Module is configured properly with the correct Tank seen below: Then once we go to launch this is what it looks like: On the pad the Tank and Fuel configuration goes away and you see that message "Lack of Pressure". Its the strangest thing.
  6. Even if you properly configure it prior to going to Launch, the result is always the same. Here is what it looked like before going to launch
  7. Rly Sorry about that. I meant that after you select the Fuel for the Orion Service Module in the VAB, when you go to launch the fuels are cleared out so the engine will not start. Interesting if you were running 1.3.1 when you select the Orion Service Module the correct fuel for the engine is selected. Btw, if you attach an external tank to the Service Module and set the fuel, that will work. I don't have a issue going in there and doing the work to get things configured, but because i'm very new to this its hard to know where to start. I'm working on it now
  8. I'd love to give it a shot, i'm not sure where to start thought but i start digging! Edit: There also is a more potentially complicated issue, the Service Module does not retain fuel settings running with RO 1.6 so the AJ10 engine doesn't fire unless
  9. Hey i was curious, in the same way ROTanks has ported all that cool stuff from SSTU does anyone know if the Orion parts will be ported into a project designed to work with RO? Because SSTU is broken with 1.6 RO and i feel like the that is the main thing missing Edit:Same
  10. Hey after i installed Real Solar System, all the visuals disappeared, how can fix that? (Apologies if this was addressed previously)
  11. Hey! I'm really sorry if someone already asked this but under 1.6.1 i am having trouble getting the Orion Service Module to work from SSTU. I can configure the fuel in the VAB but once i go to the launch pad I lose the configuration so the Service Module cannot be used. How can i correct this?
  12. Thanks so much! Its prob a conflict somewhere, trying to get everything working with 1.6.1
  13. So sorry if someone else asked this, but does anyone know why in ksp 1.6 and 1.7 the Orion Service Module fails to keep its fuel config when you go to launch? It causes it to not work because of no pressure. So you can choose the right fuel for its engine in the VAB but when you switch to launch it goes away.