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  1. Sounds like cop out to me. "bEtTeR tHeN nO uPdAtE" id rather have a functioning product thank you very much, and it would very helpful if people would stop capitulating with [snip] answers like that, it just reaffirms that these problems are a low priority if you keep just sluffing it off like "its no biggie". the game is broken. what is the point of playing AT ALL!? IF YOU CAN'T EVA!? But no, its "better than no update" lol what a joke.
  2. Low and behold after many months of waiting, i finally get a craft into orbit and the game breaking eva bug disabling the controls of kerbals in eva still completely breaks it seriously.... why am i not surprised, i want a refund.
  3. How about actually communicating that and let people who have a completely BROKEN product know instead of leaving us with nothing after paying for an entirely broken first release anyways. *clap clap clap* If i could get a refund i would.
  4. OH look, March 21st and no update for my so called KSP "enhanced edition" on ps4, Shocking.... and yet you want me to pay money for the dlc too? good job guys. good job...