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  1. I think what made a lot of people mad is they gave a decisive date and then delayed at the last moment. I've actually read a few people say the exact thing I planned on doing when it released. I got off work and cleared my night of all activities and had the next day off, so I was pretty excited and cleared a day and a half of stuff just to play. I didnt know it was actually delayed for a few days because I figured they would update the original KSP Loading post like they did when they announced the release date and kept checking that post. In my opinion I think it's best to leave
  2. My PC is older than dirt and will run the game 100x worse than my buggy ps4 version. I dont have money for a decent PC and dont make the money to upgrade a PC all the time. I do have a ps4 that works perfectly and doesnt need hardware upgrades ever 2 years though and KSP exists on this platform, so why not just have the game work properly?
  3. I literally made an account to respond to this. So far one the biggest problems with the enhanced edition is the frame rate lag. The game over clocks the systems(xb1 way worse than ps4). After playing for more than 15min we get lag spikes that completely freeze the game for 1sec every 30sec. That's almost game breaking imo. Second, collision detection is excrements. Landing on any celestial body is trash, you touch down and continue to slide along the surface until saving/reloading. Converters have a glitch where sometimes they will overheat instantly(250k to 1500k heat in less than a second)
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