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  1. Alright, the most helpful person I've found yet. Thanks! I will be on my way to meet the rest of you all in space
  2. Alright, I have a screenshot of it. How can I send you the picture of it as an example of what I am currently using
  3. Sorry, may I ask how to take screenshots on KSP? EDIT: I've found out how.
  4. Oh! I forgot to add, when I do what you're telling me to do, It's always seems to make me move over to the side a bit. And if I try and control it early flight it just spins out even from the slightest tap. I have a pretty good setup too.
  5. Recently I've been constantly going through different types of rockets using loads of solid fuel boosters and they just end up getting sent over to the side and spinning out. I then try to use the liquid ones but I seem to have to use the tanks full of liquid fuel on the side so I can actually use them with the "Yellow pipes". could someone help me out here?
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