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  1. So I have installed AVP, along with all the dependencies, yet the clouds are not showing up in the main screen. Scatterer appears to be working, but that's it. I have the up-to-date versions of AVP, along with the 4k texture pack, scatterer, eve and TUFX. Please if anyone knows what the problem is can you let me know.
  2. The goal of the Lief Erickson program is to establish a permanent Kerballed Outpost on Duna The Mission will consist of four main missions Stage 1: support Infrastructure The first mission will be the launching of an unmanned refueling depot into orbit of Kerbin: This will allow the crew transfer craft (which will be launched later) to remain in service for virtually forever. The second phase of Stage 1 is to launch a communication network into orbit of Duna and Ike. The mission will contain four of these satellites. Stage 2: Crew
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