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  1. So, ksp is fun, but it gets a bit annoying(in my opinion) when you have multiple sets of mods you want to play. For my type of playing, you gotta have an instance of ksp for stock; an instance for RO; an instance for mks; and a lot more; and if you want to experiment with a mod, new instance. All of them are in different versions. Every time you have to do all the steam console things and some same mods but a different version in ckan. All that and only one instance is linked with steam, and will break if there was an update. What I'm proposing is, a completely overhauled main menu and loading in ksp 2. Right now, ksp is fully loaded after you are in the main menu. The right version, the right mods. I'd like a new way of getting into the game sorta like this: the game doesn't load before you go into the main menu, but when you go into a save multiple versions of ksp accessible and you can choose what version a save runs on a ksp folder with directories ksp 2.x, the different versions, with saves and game data inside a mod manager which, when you install mods, you can choose which versions for which instances and saves it will run on So basically, the main menu only loads the framework for displaying the main menu, and when you load a save, a specific version of ksp and mods you installed on that specific save will run. This can cut the need for multiple instances of ksp taking up huge space on your computer(since only the GameData/Squad folder changes in between an update) and make modding easier. Linking all the versions into steam, and not having to rely on steam to give you automatic updates that break the game; instead, ksp manages the updates. Here's a mockup of the ksp folder in my mind: First post, what do you guys think?