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  1. Balloon mod seems interesting. As I'm quite new to the game, can you elaborate on the cheat menu or Hyperedit you mentioned? Thanks for the suggestion but infinite fuel wouldn't work for my case since for the experiment I'm doing I have to control the final and initial mass of the rocket and I'm thinking of doing that through carrying different fuel loads.
  2. I meant no external forces aside from the thrust from the rocket, so if I were to fly an acceerating plane then launch the rocket from it then it wouldn't be same as launching it from a stationary point right?
  3. So normally we launch from the launchpad at the base which is at sea level, is there anyway I could launch from different heights, eg. 10km above sea level, 20km above sea level, or 30km above sea level? I'm thinking of using one of those planes with rockets attached and fly the plane up, but it would be more ideal if there's some setting in the game or mod I can use to change the initial altitude I launch my ship because preferably I want zero net force during the launch. I'm doing this to investigate the effect of launch height and delta-v.