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  1. Well, my craft was true to its name 12/12 pilots dead, mostly because of crashing.
  2. An early stage desing could shoot down the advanced target dummy. Than I started tweaking it, brougt the center of lift closer to center of mass, could lower the deflection of the tail fins, retain more energy, then I realised, that the wing flaps were slightly stalled at every turn, not providing lift, just drag, so i fixed that too. Also replaced the engines with bigger ones, got better TWR. Bam cound not stay on the target dummy, because on the first turn pilots blacked out, and if something is on the tail of my plane it just looses, because it is a bit unstable on the yaw axis (could not figure out tail design yet) and the AI is just all over the place when it tries to shake down an opponent. Unfortunately I could not revert the changes, saved the new one on top of it, could not reproduce the configuration and did not want to have stalling controll surfaces.
  3. Well, it can pull 30g turns at top speed without disintegration. And sadly about 18-24g turns arround combat speed. The only solution I could come up with, is that I limited control to 0.3 above 160 m/s, pilots black out less often now, but one black out could bring them to the ground, so it is a death trap.
  4. Ok, done tweaking this craft and present my entry, hope I am not too late. The H-4 Widomaker. Slap huge engines on some stubby high lift wings (how does this even work?) and you got a death trap that is too fast/instable and kills the pilot on the first turn, due to blackout. Top Speed: ~240 m/s Dry weight: 5.383t Wingspan: 16.7m Length: 10m Parts: 40 Armament: 3x ShVAK 20mm Cannon PS.: Could not shoot down Alioth81's advanced training dummy, so I do not have high hopes for it placing high on the ladder.
  5. I started building too, twin engine craft are surprisingly fast, but could not make them stable unden 90 m/s speed yet. And already having fun pitting them against each other.
  6. Well, Round 3 Match 5 was the result of a design decision. I did not want the plane to bleed more speed while turning (and become a sitting duck, not being able to speed up), so I restricted the turn radius. Looks like that Zephyron-Zero had a tighter turn radius, so it always ended up behind H-7. This was the same against Pds314's L-24, my plane had a tighter turn radius, was slower so it ended up behind, more opportunities to shoot. Alioth81's designs are something else, sad to see AL-21 in the middle of the ladder, but I am happy my plane did not get it as an opponent for the next round. After the first round, my prognosis would have been, AL18 first, AL-21, Zephyrion-Zero, Agravain FCS in top 4, and H-7 5-7th place. The big surprise was noir's Blizzard MkV it did not lose a single match thus far, and I have grown to like the design over the matches. I am excited about the last round especialy about Match 5 and 6.
  7. Yeah, I am guilty, started with two 1st gen fighters, than they became a deformed drone, because I could not make the swept wing work, and sacrificed everything on the altar of performance (still one engine is only one engine ). From left to right: 9th gen of my fighter design (sent in the 7th), MIG 15 knock off (challenge tail design based on MIG), Saab 29 knock off first design I made for this challenge. Here is a picture of most of the craft I tried out (yeah there is one without wheels, gave up on it mid redesign ): I had a lot of work in the last weeks, so just came back, I love this thread, nice designs.
  8. Hi Everyone, As I am new here and can't use PM. I would like to submit my entry here: H-7 is a single engine test aircraft I experimented with to find out how FAR and the sample crafts work, spent too much time tweaking it and ran out of time, to develop a 2 engine craft. So I would like to enter this version. This (H-11)is the two engine craft, I could not finish: Feel free to download and play arround with them. Will be looking forward to seening more inspiring builds. I had fun building these aircraft, for this competition, thanks.