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  1. 18Watt's post in Rover Won't Stay Still was marked as the answer   
    I’ll start with the basic- did you set the parking brake?  If you’re not sure, to set the parking brake, you need to click on the brake indicator at the top of the screen.  Hitting ‘B’ applies the brakes only while the button is held.  You want the brakes to stay on even when the Kerbal gets out.
    Edit- the rover wheels in your screenshot are retractable….  The parking brake should work, but if not….   
  2. 18Watt's post in Where is the island the highest ore concentration on Laythe? was marked as the answer   
    Ore concentrations are not distributed the same in every save, they are randomly generated for each game.  So the location one player reports having high ore concentration may be different in your game- and likely is indeed different.
    One tip I would suggest is that the ‘shores’ biome often has a much different ore concentration than the biome slightly inland from the ‘shores’.  So if you are on the shore, and not finding any ore, try moving inland until the biome changes.  Sometimes you don’t need to move very far inland for the biome to change, and the ore concentration to be vastly different.
  3. 18Watt's post in Simple Maneuver Node Question was marked as the answer   
    There is i difference between setting a body as a target, and setting it as your focus.   What you want to do is focus your view on that body.  There are a few ways to do that, I’ll use Mun as an example.
    One way is to cycle through all the celestial bodies using the TAB key.  This works, but takes a long time. If you Right-Click on Mun, you should see an option to ‘focus’ your view on Mun.  Again, you don’t need to set it as a target (although you could do that as well), what you want is to set your focus on Mun. There is a keystroke which will reset your focus to the active vessel- I think on most computers this is the tilde key- “~”.  It’s usually up near the ESC key, upper left of keyboard. Also, using the [  ] keys will  cycle your focus among vessels which are near each other.  (I think within ~2.5 km or so). 
  4. 18Watt's post in Breaking Grounds - Ship Parts in Another Ship Part's Inventory. was marked as the answer   
    I was able to make that work, here’s how I did it.
    Ship contains a large part in a storage container. Kerbal goes on EVA, has a jet pack but the other inventory slot is open. Position Kerbal near the container with the part. Grab the part.  You won’t be able to add the part to your inventory because it’s too big. But you can add the part to your ship. If you need to place the part a long distance away from the container it was in, you might need to remove and re-place the part, possibly several times, as the Kerbal makes their way to the desired location. I’m not sure if you even need an open inventory slot on the Kerbal to do this, probably not.
    There may be other ways to make this work as well, that’s just how I did it.  In my case I was working with the inflatable airlock, and had the same problem, too big to fit in the Kerbal’s pockets.
  5. 18Watt's post in Duna to Ike Shuttles was marked as the answer   
    With ISRU (mining fuel), you can get all the LF and O you need on either Duna or Ike.   I would not bother with high-ISP engines if all you want to do is go between Duna and Ike.  I suspect you will find that frustrating.
    Personally, I would use a conventional LFO engine.  I personally like the Vector.  The Vector has a lot of power, and is heavy and expensive.  If you don’t need that much thrust, pick a smaller LFO engine- even Terriers work well on Duna.
    Your description is too vague to give a better answer.  Is your shuttle just carrying a single Kerbal in a lawn chair?  If that’s the case, one or two Terriers are probably overkill.  On the other hand, if your shuttle carries 30 Kerbals and a lot of fuel, you need a bigger engine.
    Is it possible to use Ion engines?  Probably, but why bother?  In stock KSP all your Xenon needs to be shipped from Kerbin, but you can get all the LFO you need anywhere with ISRU.
    I’ve used nuke-powered landers on Ike, but the performance was marginal.  Personally, I wouldn’t bother using nukes on a vessel which only had to go between Duna and Ike.
  6. 18Watt's post in Duna to Ike Shuttles was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like you are just going from orbit to orbit then, and not actually landing your shuttle on either Duna or Ike?   In that case, Ion engines are obviously a workable solution.  However, I still would go for LFO engines, for the same reasons mentioned previously.  
  7. 18Watt's post in Why won't this low tech plane land? was marked as the answer   
    Actually, the plane depicted appears to be a traditional (tail-wheel) design.  In that case, landing front wheels first is recommended.  Or a 3-point landing.  
    As bewing said, looks to me like touch down should be around 30 m/s.  I don't think the mass is too much for the gear.  I would be concerned about the long wings, flapping down on landing.  Especially with the engines and fuel located so far from the centerline.
    Perhaps try hitting F3 after an unsuccessful landing- it should tell you which parts were destroyed, and in what order.  That may give you a clue as to what is going wrong, by looking at the first few parts to explode.
    Actually, taking another look at it, that is a lot of wing for that size plane.  30 m/s may actually be too fast for landing.
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