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  1. That's the right button. It's just broken in your case. My GC setup is not working too, but for other reasons. On one vessel with big container/kit KSP locks up on loading attempt. On the other one I have two kits that are not showing up in either workshop window. I'm cleaning up my contracts while waiting for current source code release or an update to GC.
  2. I agree. It would make sense to have "Close" and "Open" buttons on the assembly space itself, but it's only in the assembly line's "workshop window".
  3. I thought term signal takes care of all process activity and takes it off pretty clean. I don't think Unity player can log much once Mac OS is asked to get rid of it.
  4. I don't think so. Logs are probably in correct order. Add-on versions in them can probably confirm that. It locks up on the newer one. Here is another log from today with latest versions: Player-20190725-1423.log.zip You probably can't see what happens in the log because it locks up on the next step after the last log entry. KSP loads craft and locks up before static disappears from portraits. At this point it can only be terminated via "Force Quit": Jul 25 14:46:35 mbp com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program.29160[38406]): Service exited due to SIGTERM | sent by Dock[356] I removed Alternate Resource Panel that I missed the last time, but I don't think it was causing the issue since the exact same thing happens without it. There is no crash, hence no crash report. Looks like infinite loop type problem.
  5. It would not load at all now. Let me get rid of most of the other mods... Still not loading: Player-20190723-0516.log.zip This is caused by updating these four to the latest night build: ConfigurableContainers GroundConstruction Hangar ThrottleControlledAvionics With older versions of your mods it loads: Player-20190723-0538.log.zip ======================================= Another little issue with "test radial adapter" contract. All the requirements are met, but pressing "Run Test" button does not complete the contract. Update: using another type of radial adapter completes the contract. Name is the same though, just "Radial Adapter" for both of them. Both adapters are getting "Run Test" button that only completes contract on one of them. I'm glad I did not discover that on "Landed on Eeloo" version of the contract Player-20190723-0647.log.zip ======================================= Placing more than one radial adapter with symmetry and then resizing it only changes selected one. If you then grab and move one that was not resized, weird things start to happen.
  6. That sounds like the same issue I had with two containers being spawned simultaneously, but that one was fixed reliably with the explicit check. I tried to test it with the latest nightlies, but my GC orbital base would not load. Build before last would not see containers with constructions started in previous versions in workshop window. May have something to do with added new phase. Just my guess.
  7. The last beta fixed it for me. I appreciate the effort. I'm not sure what triggered new container to spawn twice in my environment, but if you force double spawn on your end, you'll get the same effect and an awesome*0.5 explosion
  8. Wow! Thanks for testing this. I wonder what can possible cause this since I've removed all the mods... I'll try it on Windows computer next. I would love to get a debug build of GC and TCA. I've had some strange behavior there too. It may be Mac related or caused by something else that's rare. Thank you for taking your time to support silly issues like that.
  9. I'll try to resize another one with and without KJRn from the same save. (I shall not forget). Hopefully you are right about KJRn
  10. Somebody snuck is something else on board. Into one of those snack containers... One of the Kermans was resizing kit under influence I bet. KJR Next. I have advanced tweakables enabled, but never clicked on those auto struts buttons. It's in defaults.
  11. You are right. I guess that's after first resizing.
  12. No. That's before resizing. I'll post another one after resizing for you to compare...
  13. Got the same issue: I've moved and docked an empty container manually. Container was docked to a tug assembled from stock only parts with "Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Sr" on both sides. Then I've assigned a vessel to be built in it.
  14. Indeed. I'm going to keep trying to see if it consistently doing that.
  15. After further tests I've found that even though there is some correlation between assembly space gates alignment to retrograde, it's not the main cause of half-awesome blasts. Impact speed to retrograde angle: My successful container deployment was somewhat accidental. But then I've managed to stop physics by going into 5x warp right after hitting "Finalize" button. Here is what happened: I've also noticed that clicking "control from here", on either side of the container, prograde orientation does not change 180º.
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