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  1. Quebec, sa fait quelque années que je joue mais je suis nouveau sur le forum sa fait un mois
  2. Guys should I add shaders to planets ? Tell me here please
  3. I just finished all the planets !!!! It took me so long !!!
  4. Hello, I'm making Duna in blender but I'm not sure if the final result looks good, could you tell me what do you think of the final result? (btw I know it is not a perfect sphere, it's easier to work with a simple sphere when the material have a lot of nodes)
  5. Its because I was working on a Mac computer and I had my cheap windows laptop next to me to see how Eve is looking
  6. I just moved my KSP folder somewhere else, re installed the game and I replaced the squad folder now everything work fine !
  7. Hello, I'm currently reproducting the Kerbol system in Blender and I just finished Eve, I think the result is not so bad (Sorry the pictures are not perfect I took the pictures on my phone because I'm not at home and I don't know how to take screenshot on a mac computer)()
  8. This is the prehistoric mk1 pod
  9. Hello I started a new hard campaign with no mods except visual mods. I need to bought part i research before I can use them but I have a problem, I tried to buy the FL-T400 tank 4 time but its not working it still telling me I need to buy it, also size 1 fuel tanks still have the old texture, when I place them they have the new texture but when I launch they have the old textures. I'm playing on a fresh install. Can someone help me please ?
  10. I think I found a kind of easter egg