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  1. I get the EVA button no problem when my rescue vessel is between 5-10m of the vessel and I switch control to the thing I want to rescue. The problem is that I can't get the Kerbal out of it. Is there a coupling part I can use later in the Tech Tree? I'm completely lost on how to approach this problem.
  2. So I've done a couple recovery missions already and have the approach and intercept nailed down but I ran into a roadblock on this one. My target is inside a Habitation Module with no option to EVA, or any type of docking port that I can tell. How do I go about getting him out? My best guess is to go up with some other station part and connect them to transfer crew but I don't even know if that is thing. It's my first play through so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: Thank you everyone for the advice! I grabbed the Module with THE KLAW and did the crew transfer. MISSION SUCCESS! I'm really impressed with this community, as a first post I half expected to be ignored or trolled but you all gave solid and sound advice. I look forward to learning more with all of you. Thanks again!