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  1. I don't think I will be using mechjeb because it feels like it does too much for you. I used it before and didnt really learn much and basically put the game on autopilot. Going to use kerbal engineer though! Thanks guys
  2. Thanks guys, I really am trying use as little mods as possible to get started with. @djr5899 that seems to be the right amount I’m looking for. Will use these first!
  3. Thanks buddy, will definitely get those! Do you recommend Mechjeb?
  4. Hey guys, So ive played KSP a few times over the years and had numerous mods each time, after getting to the mun and doing a few extra things I tend to just stop playing even though I’ve wanted to carry on. ive always wanted to get a space station set up around Kerbin and even the mun but never really got there. Im going to give this another go but with so many mods it’s tough to know what the really useful ones are. I think the engineer redux and alarm clock are my first ones. What others would you recommend to get started with? Also, which are great for the visual aspect to enhance the graphics? Thanks!