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  1. Hmm, Everytime i boot up KSP i have to configure the contracts again. Is that normal? It doesnt seem to remember filter settings inbetween play sessions.
  2. Aaand Kosmos is back ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for your hard work! looking forward to the rest of the parts!
  3. KOSMOS is much better than this pack i think.
  4. Something is not right when launching. using mechjeb auto ascent but it just leans towards the shuttle. and why does it come with the standard landing gear bay and clamp? doesnt make sense.
  5. I have launched space stations manually before. But the problem is that the MIR is not a symmetrical design wich is near impossible to get into orbit manually. I did a quick persistence edit to get it into a nice and stable 100km-100km orbit. if you wanna know how to do that lemme know.
  6. Now we only need to wait for the Soyuz to be added to this pack. Build the MIR from that picture? Challenge Accepted. Edit- 1 Hour later End result: For those interested in the .craft Grab it here:
  7. Hey thanks man, We really apreciate it. this is the only decent shuttle mod on here you come and play some more KSP. It\'s really beginning to get awesome!
  8. The next update should reduce the size and weight of this module. IN the mean time you can lower the weight yourself by going into the CFG\'s
  9. Ehm any chance for you to make suspender cables? because without them this skycrane is kinda obsolete. It\'s what makes curiosity landing sequence so interesting. THis lander part is very nice. but it adds nothing to the curiosity. we can build a lander like this ourselves with other custom parts. I mean i can build the same lander with kosmos parts np. Don\'t take this the wrong way but i was hoping you could have animated the winch
  10. The skycrane looks really nice. Can\'t wait to see the cables fully animated! Here was one of my older projects with a skycrane system: