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  1. i just started from Mun again and then switched to Kerbin as viewpoint... then i saw the real path... the most important thing that i realized is that the drawn path are relative to the corresponding Object. So the 90 degree turn wasn't a turn at all^^ So no bad physic just misinterpreted paths...
  2. Hello! i have a strange problem... i heard only good stuff about the game physic in KSP. But the following is just strange... Im playing Version on linux At the moment i am playing the trainings. In the mission "Return from Mun" my vessel makes an over 90 degree turn when it switches to the Kerbin orbit... I made pictures but that the forum wont let me upload the pictures... My understanding of physic would be that, when i am escaping the moon in the opposite direction of the moon and in direction between Mun and Kerbin to approach kerbin from the left side... (turned away from mun) I hope i explained it clear enough is this training somehow scripted? or is there some switch for realistic physics? Greetings MadMe