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  1. Thanks for your hard work! I stayed up way too late last night installing Unity and getting KSP part tools installed and working, importing all the KSP assets (more than I probably need) and figuring out that the reason Part Tools couldn’t see or spawn any scenes or props was a ReStock cfg file, and technically made my first IVA: I replaced some generic switches in the Mk2 Lander Can with a MAS DSKY. The DSKY doesn’t do anything but did appear, so now I can study your sample IVAs to find out what I’m missing. This is gonna take awhile but I’m excited to get a full IVA working! Thank you again!
  2. I look forward to the update to 1.8! I understand the burnout, thanks for the hard work. Once this is 1.8-ready I may take a stab at updating some IVAs, we’ll see!
  3. This is incredible, great work! I started looking though them and saw Old Freebie in the Futurama folder and thought "wouldn't it be cool to have this but it's Kerbin?" And wouldn't you know it, in the KSP folder... Old Kerbie. I love it!