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  1. I'm working on some Eve aerocapture. And it's easier for me to build habitable airbrakes than use the 10m chutes and getting rid of it. Everything is perfectly nominal and nothing exploded. It's mostly ore tanks filled up with ore, for a total weigth of 1 MT (plus some). I'm not sure Jeb isn't scared or if he's happy with the plasma, flames, heat and the global feeling that his end mught be nigh (it's not, every part survived). I've got my orbit 7 Mm lower (I've cheated that in orbit with the in game cheat engine, on a very very eliiptic orbit and as far as I could get in the Ev
  2. Finally found the time needed to research a bit how people leave Eve, and manage to create a ship which can helps me getting my brave scientist back into the crew rotation (even if they leave inside a nice mushroom, I heard they're getting bored). So, here is the ERV (Eve Return Vehicle), but maybe it should be called the Orpheus (since it can get in and out of hell). Missing on the picture is a Fairing to hide the landing stabilizers which mess with the aerodynamics on take off from Kerbin. Because yes, it is a Kerbin SSTO (and on a non efficient ascent I did have 100m.s of dV
  3. Nothing. It's memory leaks (and other related things) which does that and, at some point, you're going to swap (using slow hard drive instead of RAM) on disk, which only makes things worse. And I think KSP is bad at releaseing this leaked memory, even after it dies (it might depends on your OS though). Adding more RAM, will only make the process of filling up the RAM with garbage a bit longer, but nothing can't really be done without a lot of rework on ressource allocation, which can probably be done essentially by Squad (and perhaps Unity, I do not know if their resource alocator and gar
  4. No worries I know how it can be confusing when not all of the parts of a conversation speaks about the same things (your pictures where you outlined why you assumed there was no fuel helped us a lot to figures out how you were thinking and how we could help you find the issue there).
  5. No. It does say it does not have fuel flux. Which is normal when the engine is not throttled. It will increase when you throttle. [Non, cela dit qu'il n'y a pas de flux d'ergol. Ce qui est normal quand les gazs ne sont pas mis. Le flux augmentera quand tu accélèreras.]
  6. This is not the acceleration gauge. [ce n'est pas jauge d'accélération] Stop touching that. [Arrêtes de toucher à ça] It does not accelerate anything. [Cette jauge ne procure aucune accélération] Read this page in french : Navball Explained [Va lire cette page en français [link]] What you need to change is tagged number 5 on the above picture, the actual throttle. [Ce sur quoi tu dois agir est le contrôle numéro 5 sur l'image du lien ci-dessus, les gazs donc]
  7. @MarsUltorit seems that @pijamaman5is: 1) not throttling the engine 2) think they did, using the Thrust limiter sliders 3) activated the engine manually, instead of staging, but it should work 4) expects the engine parts to have fuel in them So, engines don't have fuel in them. They have access to fuel. And, according to the screenshots shared, they have. I know this because in the staging sequence (bottom left of the screen) next to the engine, there's a green gauge, filled up, meaning the engine have access to fuel. And as long as there's no screenshot which dis
  8. Yes, that is because engines don't have fuel tanks. They consume fuel from fuel tank, but don't store it.
  9. D'après l'image que tu as collé, tes moteurs ont bien du carburant. Mais ils n'ont pas d'accélération (tu as juste changer la limite de pousséee). Que se passe-t-il si tu appuie sur W? On a besoin d'une image de ce qu'il se passe après que tu ai appuyé sur W (et que la jauge de GAZ soit à 100%). [According to the picture you showed us, they do see the fuel. You have no throttle (you only changed thrust limiter). What happens if you press W? We need a screen cap of i (and the throttle needs to be up at 100%).] @VoidSquidThey are Shift and Contrôle, so no, they're not an issue here.
  10. Yeah, that's why I'm trying to make sens of everything said here to get a better picture at what is happening. I'm native in French (even if I'm not sure it's the language in which I spent the most amount of time), so subtility and sense lost in translations is kind of a second nature for me :p
  11. @pijamaman5OK, après avoir relu le thread, je pense que j'ai trouvé où est le problème. Tu n'accélères pas le moteur en faisant un clic dessus, ce que tu changes c'est la poussée maximale (que tuas mise sur ta capture d'écran à 73.5%). Il est normal que, si tu ne change que cette barre, ile ne se passe rien. Ce qu'il faut que tu change c'est l'accélération. La jauge autour de la NavBall, à gauche, là où il y a écris Gaz. Et cela se chaneg avec W/X (pour aller respctivement plein gaz/ à l'arrêtà ou avec Shift Gauche/Control Gauche (pour augmenter progressivement). [So after reading up the
  12. Until I do not see a pic with the throttle up, I'll assume that this is the issue. The engine state (aucun) seems weird for me, but I would not know, I'm not localized in French on my KSP, so it's hard to guess. Also, I'm on latest KSP, and engine works. So I don't really think it is a bug, more like something specific to @pijamaman5 install and setup. There's no picture of it. So, not sure that what @pijamaman5 did actually resulted in an increase of thrust. Which leads me to think there might be an issue with AG no ?
  13. La jauge d'accélération sur la capture d'écran (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2341740025 ) est à 0 ici. Le moteur est bien activé (sa jauge de carburant dans la section de staging est bien activée). Et les boosters vont fonctionner parce qu'ils n'ont pas besoin d'accélération (si tu "stage", en appuyant sur espace, ils se mettent en route). Les moteurs ont besoin d'avoir une accélération. Pour accélérer, par défaut, tu utilise Shift Gauche (pour accélérer doucement) et Control gauche (pour déccélérer doucement). Tu peux aussi utiliser W pour mettre l'accélération
  14. Peux-tu poster une capture d'écran de la fusée ? Et sinon, il y a une section dédiée aux francophones sur ce forum. Et on essaye de garder les discussions ici en Français (I jsut asked for a rpint screen and pointed out that there's a french subforum in here somewhere)
  15. The DSM-5 is a tool, not really made by the industry by the way, more by doctors (which, by itself is an issue). This tools is meant to help diagnose issues you can find in people you know have mental health issues. Yes, it is wide in its symptoms and classifications, and yes it is a tool of classification (which, by itself, can raise some issue, for instance homosexuality was considered an illness by a previous version of the DSM (iirc, the DSM-IV removed it), and it is regularly updated to the expert knowledge. The DSM-5 is now a living document (which means, I guess, that there'll be no DSM
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