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  1. So, added an operation center to the space station I'm building in sandbox. Coms, Pilots seat, remote control and stability wheel are embedded in this short module (it's still in the argon engine exhaust way, I can't get too radial). Also a F4RM, and lab. The five mamoths push at full power toward the sky (well, toward the floor, which makes everything goes toward the sky. But it's simpler this way). Wide payload, no need for rocket cone. First pair of booster exhausted and ejected. The asparagus sequence is going fine. Second pair of boosters ejected after exhaustion. And rendezvous burn toward the space station. Slow approach of the station. Plenty of dV remains in the booster (around 400m/s, I'm moving at 10m/s for the final approach). I'll ditch it at the last minute, burning the last 2m.s on the Lithium RCSes. And the operation center is docked. Slightly angled, maybe I'll do an adjustment later on. But now there's batteries, inertia wheel and antennas. And a control room which is not a cupola like module. I need to build a docking station next, with spaceship and probes to explore around. Maybe I'll use some stock ones. I'll also need a mining and refining rig, with some asteroid whaling module of sort to refuel everything.
  2. So, I added some Argon engines and tanks to the core module. Did it in four launches, burning a lot of Clydesdale, and spending a lot of time on Lithium powered RCS to dock (I should probably double or triple them in future launches, they're damn slow). The argon tank + engine is on top. Yes, it also includes a heat shield, it could help to aero capture the whole thing. And I like the mushroom look it gives to anything. Getting rid of the empty SRB, heading for a 120km Ap. The fuel left will be more than enough to rendezvous with the station. Dock, rince and repeat. I can now move the station around, with almost 20km.s dV in Argon, powered by a nuclear core. This should allow me to go basically everywhere. Next up is a logistic and docking bay. With a deployable comnet and hydroponics. I need to figure out how I'll set this up and spend some time messing in the VAB.
  3. Finally took time to do some sandbox KSP, been a while. So, I sent this in LKO. The idea is to use that as a first module of a space station/hostel/spaceship/whatever and plug and play stuff as I go. I thought I was going to be short on fuel, so I did not take much screenshot, but I had enough to reach a stable orbit (and a little more). The thermal dissipation array arms where flapping like hell during flight. This is when I realized two things. First, I'm going to make it to orbit. Second all my crew is on board, I'll have to recruit (but well, sandbox, not really an issue). And deployed, stabilized in orbit, nuclear core running and stable. And yes, it's a lot of thermal panel. Also, there's like 5 years of nuke fuel in the ship, should be enough for just maintaining attitude. Next will be adding radial engines and tanks. A science / tech-hab module, a tourist center somehow and launcher for com sats and probes. And some shuttles and refinery rig, migt be usefull. I'll see where it goes.
  4. So, after some hiatus (due to frustration after crashing yet another save, and needed time out of KSP for a bit), I'm back. And I'm starting a new space program: The Kerbal Planetary Bodies Hopping Society. Those are the goal I'm setting for myself: Land an outpost on all planetary bodies possible. Have training space bases on Kerbin on the North and/or South ice caps. For the fun. And to train kerbonaut to the harsh survival condition they'll encounter. Also, can be used as com relays I guess. Have a geosynchronous spacelab around all of planetary bodies if possible. Use a hangar of stock-like Vessels (designed in a R&D save), like a real space program would do. Use KoS as much as possible (if I can manage to have a fully scripted base that can get into orbit and land by itself, I'll be happy. Bonus point if it becomes self aware and tries to take over the world). I'm not sure if I'm starting a thread for this yet. Maybe once I've unlocked some science nodes, I assume you all have more than enough of your share of flea rockets going to Mun. Okhin
  5. But I like craft design What I do not is getting stuck in Kerbin SOI after 700h of time (I spend to much time in the VAB. Or cheating prototypes in orbit to see if they collapse. Also funky ascent path involving loops and unplanned rapid disassembly.). Hence I'll have some fun in sand box. I'll also try some other mod config (I do not know yet if I pull the whole USI constellations. The rovers are cute. the logistics too. But there's way too many engines, especially when running with Near Future Tech. I'll be stuck forever in the VAB.)
  6. Yep And not sure if I want to start another carreer over. I've never managed to get out of Kerbin SOI (last time, 1.8 got released, so needed to reboot) yet, so it's a bit frustrating.
  7. And damned save / upgrades. I somehow messed up some of my orbital infrastructure, and my Mun base is now unable to load, and with it the crew in it. Great. I'm too frustrated right now to try to find what the love happened and I'll probably stop this career for now (I'll probably go back on a fresh install, not sure if I'm gonna start a carreer or not). In the meantime, this is the end of this mission report.
  8. No probs, since I was creating a new KSP (More or less) Stock instance I might as well ask before installing too many of those :). So, I'll stick to my purely visual ones then.
  9. Ok, thanks (I'm also thinking of interchangeable brains for rockets. I'm not really a space plane kind of person, but maybe I'll just use this challenge as an excuse). Are mods such as Stratego (or Stratega?) and contract configurator allowed ? They're not reall parts, but they change lots of the income you can have from base contracts and strategies.
  10. Quick question, you can merge two pro-stock in the vab before launch if you add no additional parts, right? Like having a launcher (with fairing) as one, and probes as another one Pro-Stock Craft (PSC) (or as a sub-assembly). Is there a hard limit on the number of PSC allowed? Since you have to pay for part upgrades, I think that there will be some self limitation on the number of different parts unlocked, and I think that the whole point of the challenge is to have as few different PSC as possible, but still. Asking this because I kind of use lots of sub-assemblies to have a modular craft fleet, I can push this further having, for instance, cores and boosters as separated sub-assemblies and abusing symetri to build custom PSC (like, one standard core, on which I fit any number of standard boosters - from 0 to 8 - a bit like the Atlas-V launchers which come in different config. Is that PSC enough or should I focus on building "complete" craft ?
  11. To Eve ! Well, not exactly. But soonish. Soon enough that sending the unkerbaled mission in an ecliptic orbit was needed to be done. So, here we are, on the laumchpad. The MK3 parts are mostly liquid fuel and fuselage to host four NERV. The big jumbo and the four thoroughbread are now more or less our standard LKO vehicle. Nothing crazy on the launch. A bit steep maybe, but it's enough to get there with roughly 4k of delta-V, which should be more than enough to bring me to Eve in 60 days. The big antennae is protected by a heat shield (simulation result show that on aerocapture the antenna was a bit too close to blowing up), since the craft will also double as a relay. In the four orange shells, there's four probes with science to be landed on Eve. I need three different biomes, but a fourth one seems like a good idea, just in case Mission Control mess up the landing synchronisation. Or in case one blew up during atmospheric entry. The craft is now on a 600k x 90k kerbin orbit. Planning on using a lot of Oberth (and, ideally a mun and/or minmus assist) to escape Kerbin gravity when the window will be due. And that's all for today. Not a lot going on, I know, but soon PUNK will be an interplanetary space program
  12. Finally took time to update what could be updated. And, while KSP did get stuck after a use of Ctrl+Z in the VAB, I've ran a simulation for landing on Eve. And kraken's tentikles, the entry is tough (from a 100km orbit at least). I forgot what it was to land in atmospheric things. But now I have a nifty aeroshell, a carrier for four probes (I need to land in 3 biomes but I know myself, there's at least one that I'll mess. I'm considering bringing eight probes) which double as a relay (because Eve is far away it seems), and now I mostly need to attach engines and tanks to it to throw it up there. I'll probably use the spacecamp station as an assembly line for the craft. Since I also need to bring a lab there. And its in KEO, which makes launch to it easier, and from it a bit cheaper. So, back in business I guess
  13. Last person. Not the last human. So last sentient on earth. There's probably a lot of people out there, but they're out of reach (try designing, building and launching a rocket, more or less from scratch, all by yourself). Even if there's some robotic help, soon the maintenance back log kicks in and I'm quickly out of energy. And food (ok, I can loot easily, or grow stuff. But again, on my own, without any help ? I'm a broken ankle from death by starvation. And I do not even know how to fix a broken ankle. So, falling from too high is a death sentence). I'll probably enjoy the quiteness, just before killing myself. There's no point on being the last sentient around. And I cannot reach for the stars. Might as well stop everything. Yeah, welcome to my world of depression people, it sucks.
  14. I think @Nertea have developed something suitable for what your looking for. Namely the SSPER mod (here on github) which provide self-leveling Base Frame, which are, basically, telescoping legs which tries to put your base on a horizontal attitude. I say tries, because it does compensate almost flat land, not the Great Canyon (I think it can compensate one meter or two of declivity). Note that they're not landing legs, they'll break if you land to violently. They exist in a lot of size and section, and can support vertical cylinders or horizontal one. And if you must, you can of course manage the legs height by hand. Or slave them to a KAL-9000, and turn your space station into a custom low rider, bouncing its way through the sky (ok no, it does not retract fast enough for that. But you can still make it dance). If you'd rather have a more DIY approach, tries some pistons and grip pad from breaking ground. You'll have to do it manually, but you can reach insane declivity with the double telescopic ones. And with correct dampening settings, they can act as landing legs. Or make your station bounce like a frog. Or both.
  15. Between my current obsession with coding a bluetooth firmware for a headphone, the weather around here which tends to kill the (aerial) DSL lines or the fact that, suddenly, for no reason, I dropped under 1 Mbps (instead of the more regular 10Mbps), I'm still waiting for a steam update to update KSP to play KSP. I have a mission to eve to build. And asteroids to catch. And a GPU to overwhelm with new planets. I hate it when I'm locked outside high bandwidth internet (no internet is usually a bit better, I don't event try playing games. This is worse, there's an expectation it's going to get better soon, which it does not).