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  1. You're missing socializing spaces for it to be a town. Before that, it's still an over-engineered fuel station. Or a village maybe (but even then, there's social spaces).
  2. Or over engineered fuel stations.
  3. Don't apologize, you did not hurt me in any way And your english is fine, don't worry about that either.
  4. I'm not defined by my sickness, but by what I do. And when you're depressed, you're not doing anything. So you basically stop existing. I can't be depression. But it's a part of what I am, the same way any other chronic disease and pain is part of what people suffering from these are. Some are walking in clutches, some needs to take daily drugs, some might kill themselves without much of a warning. It's a daily struggle, there's good days and years, and there's bad ones, but still, a struggle. I'm better now than six month ago. But maybe in the ext year I'll be back in that highly de
  5. No, I don't think so. First, using your hand and your body to build tangible things does not use the same areas of your brains than solving an engineering puzzle (ie build stuff in games). Also, you can't easily just look at it, or put it on your desk and be able to see that you actually did something and gets satisfaction from it. You can't give it to friends either, which can give another kind of satisfaction. You can't fight depression alone. There's a mechanical part about it that makes you unable to solve the issue by yourself. And a professional will not mutilate your own reasoni
  6. I've spent most of my career recovering from burn out and going back into them. It sucks, and it is painful. The sense of dread and the loss of taste for anything usually takes root from a lack of recognition. What you do does not matter it seems. From that, I've been to the point where I wanted to kill myself, because living was too much of a burden. For me and my friends, at least that's how I perceived things. And friends telling me otherwise was just, from my twisted perception, a lie they told to hide the fact that it was not, and something that made me feel more as a burden than any
  7. It's not because you're immortal than you necessarily have the time to do things. I do not see why your lives would be less busy because yo're immortal. Sure, you might have a longer time to spend on a hobby of you, meaning that, if they're no time imperative, you could effectively spend two thousands years perfecting the art of pottery. But when you broke a tea cup, you need to replace it (or maybe fix it), and you need to do it in a short time span. Because you want tea now, or tomorrow, not in two thousands years. And if you're not busy during your immortality, then there's a chance yo
  8. There's no such thing as an innocent space probe.
  9. Well, iirc, the reason why Moon is a moon is because the rotation's barycentre of Moon and Earth around each other is still inside Earth (not by much, but still). And yes, maybe that definition is tailor made to consider the Moon as a satellite of Earth, but it works :p
  10. Well, there will be bugs. https://hownot2code.com/2016/11/28/why-software-will-never-be-bugless/
  11. You can use Action Groups axis for that, and link the max-RPM of the rotor to the Wheel Throttle Axis. Or to the Main Throttle. Don't forget to set the torque on max. You would need to set one half of the rotors on counter clockwise rotation, and to add some hinge for direction (map them to the Steer Wheel Axis). However, you will need to add something on parts to protect them from impact. The grip pad seems perfect for that, and exists, in fact, for this exact reason. However, what you do not have with the rotor is differential speed (the wheel inside the curve rotating a bit slower
  12. Wow, that would require a bump in infrastructure to transmit all that, have the CPU power needed to analyze it in real time (OK, in cold real time) and to store it. Even if it's just a temporary storage before being consolidated in neuron network. You'll need to store it somehow. That's probably the biggest issue in the AI overlord scenarii. They would require an insane build up in infrastructure. Which requires humans to build and maintain it. Which requires some food and basic level of happiness (to maintain productivity), which you can probably generates through entertainment with crea
  13. Have spent months on trying to even reproduce a bug (and sometimes, you think you did, but no, you did not. It's close enough, but it's another bug you found. Yeah. More work.). Often to realize that I need to rewrite that function that's use everywhere else in a code base of thousands and thousands of line of code, which, in turn, would require a hell lot of testing. And potentially creates new bugs, some might be even worse than the one I was working one. So I flag it as non crictical, and adds a TODO item to the "thing to keep in mind for next code refactoring". And yes, we have a bug.
  14. Well, anyone who wants to be in charge of a system that no one cares about can do so pretty easily. Also, cameras, as many captor, are failible systems which can breaks. Or be oriented away from what's happening. Or simply be shut down. All of those excuses are very hard to differentiate when you look at the incident. You could check the logs, to try and see if there's a shutdown command issued at some points, but you would not be able to differentiate a disconnected / reconnected battery from a failure in the battery for instance. There's _always_ a way to temper with instruments. Always
  15. Well, 1000 parts is _a lot_. My processor generally starts a strike way before that point, and reaching 900+ parts makes it melt. Granted I play on laptop. But 10 FPS with a craft of 1000 parts does not seems weird.
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