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  1. I am playing on ksp 1.7.1 and I can't find the right version of Science! Here and now. Please help!
  2. Hello! I have got a question. Why does my fps drops when playing with visual mods? I really don't know what to do. I've got pretty good computer. RAM: 16 GB CPU: Intel core i7 7th Gen Graphics: Intel 620 hd What's the problem?
  3. Hello Everyone! I want to buy a new comp that will be good for playing ksp with visual mods but also with ksp ie, usi... I really don't know what comp under 500€ will be good for games like KSP, Stellaris, Overwatch and Fallout. Please Help!
  4. Yesterday I was trying to download kspi-e for my 1.3.1 on curseforge IT copied the files into the gamedata file and when i launched the game IT loaded up said that it is incompatible and crashed. So I tried to download the version for 1.4.5 and IT stopped loading in some pointa and that was all. Then I updated the version to 1.4.5 again incompatibility... crash. Than I tried to download it on spaceport for 1.3.1 again incompatibility. I just love that mod and i don't know what to do. ...Please help
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