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  1. Draw won, so you didn't talk about anything off topic
  2. The construction of the Minmus surface base starts today... Yay!


  3. Yep, I knew that I needed to specify. They were right to postpone the launch for weather, because, who knows, maybe the rocket could have had problems. What I meant is: Nasa has a lot of weather satellites, now also Space X have some, and when they did some hours before the weather check they couldn't know that? Well, hope Sunday goes better though. P.S= 1) I know, I know, weather changes rapidly 2) I heard that the Apollo 12 got struck by a lightning and well, the mission didn't go really badly. They just landed on the moon. You can do that, but count that from where I wrote that (not from the US) it was late night, and well, when it is late in the night errors like this for me are common.
  4. Watched Space X launch fail Really a big fail. Well, hope it goes better next time.
  5. I don't have a lot of time, so I'll be fast, and I'll give details another day. I watched @kspbandit's Duna tutorial, and... I've made it! I reached Duna and I returned back!!! Thanks kspbandit.
  6. I have revamps from 1.7... but I have ksp on xbox one but no 1.8
  7. Ah, I thought that. Maybe xbox companion pc app? It isn't the best but... it works.
  8. Well, only the quality is a bit low, but hey who cares.
  9. are you playing on pc or console? what version of ksp are you using? Have you bought MH on steam/microsoft store? (surely yes) I imagine that this means you play it in Italy
  10. Thanks! I like it also because it doesn't has that slowww nuclear engines!
  11. I heard that Steve Jobs said that if your computer overheated you just need to drop it from 5 inches I wonder if it still works. However, Ksp+ phone= phone melts
  12. Step 1: get in sandbox mode Step 2: build an orbital rocket Step 3: put a payload that holds an orion drive and a Kerbal Step 4: orbit it, get the kerbal behind the orion drive and turn it on... Hey, maybe after some tries I'd reach Mun! In multiplayer I'll probably install BDArmory 2.0 and nuke my friends. It was my dream since I don't know when. I could say that they added in ksp 2 micro meteorites. But then it came in my mind the treaty that says that you ca'nt bring weapons in space. (cries)
  13. Firstly welcome to the ksp forum, secondly I don't think that quoting a post from 2013 by a user that doesn't visit the forum from 2 years! However, can somebody tell me a tutorial to go to Duna in an easyyyyyyyyy way?
  14. That's why I told myself: "Don't buy Ksp2 on console" And for other obvious reasons
  15. My xbox handles massive saturn V with some absurd machinery on, but when these saturn V turn in warheads and crash into the ground after an "almost" failed gravity turn... it lags and somehow one time turned Kerbin's gravity low as the one of Gilly. And disabled jetpacks. Merbo Kerman was scared when this happened.
  16. Or better "Imagine that little doggo panting behind an Orion Drive which is about to turn on what if, we don't get dogs but goats?" Now this i good! Still it was good your version too.
  17. Now, a day I built a rocket with a lot of staging. Rocket build time: 10 minutes Staging: 30 minutes. we need better staging, I don't know something like auto staging? (also if it is imprecise you can edit it really fast)
  18. Another failed Duna landing. I haven't even reached Duna! So Jeb and Kerdard decided to land on Mun. And I failed because I timewarped too much. So I just quick-loaded. For now only a chemical rocket reached Duna, and the probe and the lander that I sent got crazy like a wild horse and it somehow became long 120 meters. Before it was 12. It's what Jeb calls "The curse of Duna" Can somebody tell me an easy and non-efficient way to land on Duna? (possibly without those slooooow nuclear engines, they are efficient as slow. And don't tell me ion engines!) Oh yeah, I could just download a craft or watch a tutorial. I play on xbox and I saw two tutorials from Matt Lowne.
  19. When I launch my giant Saturn V (from making history) with onboard some crazy machinery I always have problems to get in LKO. When I hear that the music stops I always get nervous because I know how the mission will end. Kerbals parachuting away.
  20. Yeah, we need an update for console. and all the revamps too.
  21. However, yesterday I taught a 150 square-meters box how to drive. It didn't kraken. Even with timewarp during motion. But then it got Krakened. And Kerdard (my stuntman) as always started laughing. I know, I am totally normal. Yay! I am not the only one who thinks that rapier is bad! Sorry ssto lovers.
  22. Is the video you are talking about this?
  23. Yeah It would be cool