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  1. so even though it says not compatible it'll still work just fine? I just figured it wouldn't since that message came up so I deleted it for the time being without trying it. Lol like I said I'm really really new to the game and even newer to modding. I'll try it but thank you
  2. Idk why but I'm no longer able to Eva after landing back onto kerbin even though the button is available but it says Eva unavailable after clicking the button. I've even tried by crew hatch and same thing pops up. All buildings are fully upgraded and nothing is blocking the hatch since I use payloads and leave my capsules bare. Arg is anyone else having issues with this? It happens even when I launch and then land somewhere.
  3. I'm really sorry for posting and possibly not in the right spot but I'm really new to the game as in a few months and just started playing with mods. I found inventory/attachment mod literally two days before 1.9 came out and forgot to turn off auto update so I cant finish some of my bases outside kerbin so is there a way to find out when they plan on changing it over or is there an easier way to have a game from 1.8 and 1.9. my computer knowledge is better than most but software is lacking since I usually just play games not mess with files or anything. Thank you for anyone that can hel
  4. Yes of course I try to use them as much as possible but I'm mainly talking like if I were to use the aerodynamic capsule that seats 2 then heatshield/decoupler then science jr/decoupler then adapter back up to width of the capsule? The reasoning behind the reason I need the 2 kerbal one is because the Kerbal that landed on the mun the first time decided to use way two much fuel so getting back is impossible lol.. I unlocked only the 90 unlocks. Thank you for any and all information you can give me as i really enjoy space and rockets.
  5. So I just got the game last week and I was doing just fine until I started unlocking the bigger diameter parts. I'm wondering if I'm leaving tiny gaps between fuel tanks/engines/decouplers really matter all that much? Even attaching the science Jr to the second command module that holds 2 kerbals since it goes from bigger to small then big again?
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