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  1. Yes i have started a new game
  2. I have gone to almost every planet and moon and i cant find any surface features.
  3. Is there any news about this topic?
  4. They said that the technology in the game, is from near future and i think that a wormhole doesn’t fit in that category.
  5. There could be some in the game but small ones not black like the size of a solar system thats my opinion And if black holes gonna be things in ksp2, how would we get sience out of it. Because if you send a probe or something to it the data cant reach your base.
  6. I think that would be over kill
  7. Do you know what kind of events?
  8. Is it already comfirmed how many kerbals you need for your colony to build rockets on it, and launch it from there.
  9. Do you need a life support system for your colony?
  10. That’s gonna be true challenge but a fun one.
  11. Thx, hope that we gonna see some more details soon.
  12. Its probably an Moho kind of planet.
  13. I prefer Ovin because you can land and build an colony on it.
  14. How does colony building gonna work and what are the limits for it.