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  1. got it im trying now! (edit:) I realized i had to use steam to open ksp for the lander, yeah im lazy, what are you going to do about it. probably nothing.
  2. its about 2346 by the way, it's more of a 2342 and when i try to land i cant slow down enough so i quit, now that i say that ima try not quiting
  3. I want to land on laythe but i cant seem to do it, of course, i got to the lowest orbit possible with cheats but when i try to de orbit i end up having like 2346 m/s, can you help me or give tips on how to land?
  4. imagine this, your booting up KSP, then in the loading screen when everything like all your dlcs are loading, it freezes, it won't unpause due to the dreadful text saying (Application not responding) And (Force quit) you have no choice but to force quit and retry, is that a good explanation? Also im using 1.9 And whats OS?
  5. Whenever i try to start up KSP it just freezes and i have to force quit it, can you help?
  6. How do i download ksp mods with mac and cursed forge, i tried removing zip as the other question (its old) said, but all it did was make it zip again, so i don't know what to do, do i set it to a jpg file or somthing?
  7. I want to use cheats to rendezvous, i want to get as close as possible but theres no (how close do you wanna rendezvous) bar, if you can help with that it would help (god i sound like an idiot saying that), and @XLjedi you helped me improve in my docking skills, Thanks
  8. Im having a hard time geting steam creations on KSP, mainly due to the steam button not being there, making it impossible to Use my subscribed Creations, If you have any way to always allow the steam button to show and allow me to used subscribed creations, please reply.
  9. I made a hovercraft when i tried to make a boat, just put intake at the top, fuel, then engine at the bottom, simple!
  10. Discovory: You can click on a shuttle and press eva, it only works if you left click
  11. im stoopid its [ key and ] key, me am brain damage
  12. I dont know what the [and] keys are so please tell me what it is
  13. I'm wondering how to Get 2 kerbals EVA at the same time, I think i need to set keybinds on the other side of the kerbal controls but i'm not sure.
  14. I know how to bring up the cheats menu, im just having a hard time getting used to it.