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  1. Though I've been playing KSP for years, it wasn't until recently that I've started to really push for reusable spacecraft in general. I haven't quite mastered the boost-back burn for my SpaceX-style first stages, but I've gotten (unexpectedly) good results with my STS replica. It has enough lift to basically skip off the atmosphere several times on my way back to the KSC, and it's a wonderful feeling to be able to easily correct my landing trajectory if I err on the side of caution and happen to undershoot the target. When it comes to doing the same on other bodies...well, I need a lot of
  2. I mostly use a singular powerful rocket to get payloads into orbit, but I will occasionally use LF boosters or SRBs for a particularly heavy payload or to save the main stage fuel for interplanetary missions. It's a real shame that there's a limit on what parts continue to persist in atmosphere, although I understand why it exists. It really hurts the idea of designing reusable first stages that don't quite leave the atmosphere. Here's hoping that this will be something that KSP2 addresses in one form or another.
  3. I started off using mostly throwaway craft, but nowadays I mostly try to make some form a reusable craft. To be fair though, I'm always restarting Career with differing levels of Funds and Science. I usually get frustrated that I can't research what I want when I have a really great idea for a ship in a normal-level Science Career, so I ramp it up to between 250% and 500%, then get frustrated that everything is so easy at this setting. I swing wildly between wanting little challenge for gathering science/advancing the tech tree to wanting budget and science constraints that force me to re
  4. As others have stated, I imagine it depends on what atmospheric depth you plan on hanging around at. Hot air balloons come in all sizes and shapes, thus I imagine that a rather "flat" balloon would be necessary for a base you would want to easily escape from. Depending on the strength of the wind, you might even want to have a balloons that act as "wings" of a sort for any extra lift you can scrape from the environment. If your power source is nuclear of either the fusion or fission variety (which I assume it is if you're brave enough to build a floating base on a gas giant in the first p
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