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    This solves the problem of the boosters bouncing and falling, but when the engines are started the boosters detach themselves from the side couplers as if they were nothing, and I used the Advanced tweakables in every single part
  2. Hello guys, I have been playing version 1.0.5 of the game for a while because of incompatibility of mods in the new versions and now I am looking to play a newer version and I will try to run if not all, at least most of them in version 1.9 and the first one I picked up to test is the SovietPack v1.1 original version from Bobcat with the MIR station, Soyuz TMA, N1L3 full, Progress etc and the mod worked mostly without any adjustment, but one part in particular is not being recognized by the game which is the reentry module(SoyuzTMA_Pod), I want to adjust the cfg file but I don't know where to start and I come here to ask for your help because I don't know why this specific module does not appear in the game. outside the parts folder there is a CustomShadersConfig.cfg file and I’ve never seen this file in any other mod, and I don’t know if this is the file that needs to be modified, in this mod there is another folder called shaders that I don’t remember seeing in other mods also if this can help in some way this is the SoyuzTMA_Pod.cfg And this the CustomShadersConfig.cfg
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    When I launch and the physics starts, the whole rocket starts to shake and the boosters break off the main rocket, fall and explode. So I thought the problem could be the outdated KerbalJointReinforcement, but I updated it and it didn't solve it EDIT: So autostruts and world stabilizer is mods? it is not a mod incompatibility beacuse i have tested this mod without anything
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    it's but saddly not working in 1.9
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    I have a problem with the ENERGY rocket in 1.9, the rocket just disintegrates on the launch pad, does anyone know how I fix it or if it has a solution?
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    where did you find this?