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  1. Did you install any visual mods in this picture? That comet looks pretty cool...
  2. When I downloaded the new KSP 1.11 update, I was very exited. But when I launched KSP and got a Kerbal on EVA, there was no option for EVA construction mode. I tried pressing "I" (the keyboard shortcut), but it did nothing. Am I doing something wrong? Mods Installed: Kerbal Engineer Redux; Bettertimewarp Sorry, I made the stupid mistake of using a pilot to (try) weld, instead of an engineer
  3. Congratulations! I tried to overachieve once I got into LKO with my first SSTO, so I tried taking it to Minmus. "Tried" is the key word here. I crash landed it, and Jeb was stranded on Minmus until I sent a rescue mission.
  4. Nevermind - I downloaded the mod without all the dependencies installed. Better Time Warp does work as long as you have the mods Click Through Blocker and Toolbar Control. I thought I should put the links for these mods, so here they are:
  5. One problem that I've had while playing KSP is that when using physics warp, my craft shakes itself to pieces. Have you tried replicating the mission and not using any level of physics warp (other than 1x)?
  6. I have been playing KSP for a while now, and I have a hard time finding all my saved crafts since I have so many of them. I think that it would be nice to have different folders to put saved crafts in, such as rovers, Mun rockets, Minmus rockets, etc. Do any of you guys have this issue as well and think that it should be incorporated in the game?
  7. I just downloaded it and it didn't work. Just thought I would let you know in case other people would want to try it.
  8. Yeah, this helps for me. If you slowly increase time warp, your orbit will still change, but only by a couple hundred meters.
  9. I checked the website where you can download the mod Better Time Warp (https://spacedock.info/mod/1162/BetterTimeWarpContinued), and it says that it is an outdated mod. I have seen some recent videos on YouTube that have the mod better time warp installed, so I am confused whether it works on the latest version of KSP or not.
  10. I made a huge (but useless) basketball court and discovered a comet visible from Kerbin. I tried throwing Whack-a-Kerbal balls through the hoops, but it just crumbled into pieces.
  11. Duna is probably one of the easiest interplanetary missions. Gilly is also pretty easy to get to as well.
  12. I found this flag on the internet recently when looking at custom flags for my missions (I suck at making my own custom flags). What is your favorite custom flag?
  13. Actually, I accidentally deleted something in the save file's folder (I forget what it was) when I was trying to copy and paste the persistent file, and when I went onto the game, it said that the save game wasn't compatible with the current version of KSP. Before, it said that it was just started, and nothing would happen when I clicked the load button. Thanks for the suggestions, though.
  14. Thanks, but I have tried that multiple times, but it never worked. Do you know of any other possible fixes?
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