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  1. Updated: Added TAC life support calculator. Next I will add a electric charge calculator.
  2. Oh gottcha, I miss understood
  3. That's the good thing about it, you make the list to fit your requirements. Every mission and rocket will be different. In the instructions above or on the sheet its self?
  4. Thank you Derek. I did have the note to make a copy, made it bold so it's easily seen. Ill add a version number here and on the sheet its self. How would the effective date work? From when it was able to use or when I made it? Thanks for the feed back
  5. KSP Check List/Calculator Version- 1.2 Hi everyone, I wanted to share a spreadsheet tool that I've created. I noticed a number of people on reddit (including my self) either forgetting items on their vessel or not having enough Delta-V. This spread sheet has a checklist, delta-v calculator and stage delta-v checklist. This link is view only so just make a copy. Checklist - Everyone will have a different list of required items for their vessel. This sheet has my list but it can be changed to fit your requirements. Once you know you have the part on the rocket, just click the check box. Once t
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