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  1. what logs or in other words where can I find the log file or do you mean this one? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TRL0PEKSQBffBKUNA5mZGZjKJUafSFOe/view?usp=sharing
  2. yes exactly this one. So just have to wait until a 1.10 version comes out? No other way to get it working? Well I am not sure where to find what you are asking, only thing I know is when I go into the game and into the cheat menu (alt f12) I can see there written Camera Tools load failed or something along there lines.
  3. Hello there! I have downloaded multiple times the camera tool and installed it but it doesn't work... I have used camere tools around a year ago and there everything was fine but now (with newer KSP and Newest camera tool version) I somehow can't get it to work. Have you guys any clue why? or have I forgotten something so basic that I can't even think about it? Thanks a lot for your time and help :) Space Sheep PS: I just joned this forum, so I am sorry if this was the wrong thread
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