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  1. Hello, is it possible to make the breaking ground DLC work with ksp 1.4.5?
  2. Hello all, After weeks of SSTO testing, and producing like 10 different designs, I've finally created my best design yet, the C-7 "snubnose" sat launcher ! A lightweight non-crewed spaceplane capable of getting a small mk1 satellite to LKO with ~350 m/s of delta-v to spare..... it could even launch 2 small sats at 1 time! Stable from take-off, orbital insertion and all the way back down to the space center. Fitted with airbrakes, a reaction wheel, batteries, and antenna. This design doesn't have the fuel capacity to meet up with a station and refuel for a longer
  3. Thank you jimmymcgoochie! I'll implement your suggestions and see what I come up with.
  4. Hello, I'm wondering... I'm running ksp 1.4.5. Is this mod: Compatible with ksp 1.4.5? I see a link on spacedock for 1.4.3, so I'm guessing it should work for 1.4.5?
  5. Thanks DeadJohn for your reply! Thanks! I was just wondering if looking at it, that seemed about right, 700 m/s left in orbit, or should I be able to get it to orbit with more. I was worried because 700 m/s left of delta-v is with a EMPTY cargo bay, with no satellite. I'll test and see how it goes with small sat, but just was wondering if I was flying it efficiently. But yea, it's a good plane XD 700m/s is with an EMPTY cargo bay. I'll test it with a satellite and see what I get. I need to get to orbit with enough fuel to at least dock with a refueling station. I'll t
  6. Hello... I've been working on designing a simple mk2 cargo SSTO. This is what I've come up with so far after some testing: https://flic.kr/ps/3UDUwU It's got good balance, the center of lift stays just behind the center of mass. I've been able to get it to LKO with a max of ~700 m/s of delta-v. Does that look about right? How much delta-v should this have once in orbit? Also, does anyone notice any design flaws? How could I make it better? Anything I should work on? Any feedback would be great! PS: Also if anyone could help me, the link above, I tried to click "insert image fr
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