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  1. I'm not sure if I have the same issue (cause I turned the "angle snap" feature on), but... How do you guys rotate things in one axis direction? Whatever I do wings or the fuselage rotate in all directions at once (L). The only thing I can achieve is to make the other axes change fewer. Is there a way to hold other axes from rotating and rotate details using just one axis? The same question for the fine move tool. I play on PS4 Pro, no mods, the Enhanced Complete Edition. UPDATE: I just realized that I didn't see "axis circles" around the cursor. It was just a small white sphere. I restarted the game and now I see them, looks like the issue was gone. But now we know we've got another issue — disappearing axis circles
  2. The topic title is a bit weird. It doesn't lag, it crashes.
  3. No, I haven't. But I wrote a letter to KSP support. They say "we apologize for it but we can't help with that". With a lot of useless suggestions, like try to reinstall it without mods. I didn't have any mod, and it was my only game on the notebook and the Steam was just installed! I even reinstall the Mac OS with the hope it'll help. Unfortunately, it didn't. So I decide to buy it on PS4 then.
  4. I am a software developer myself. So I know a lot about bugs. I'm not talking about some minor ones. This bug makes the product impossible to use. It is not something I could still use but with some inconveniences. How can I plan a long and complex flight if it crashes twice an hour? And my autosave is corrupted.
  5. Guys, I'm a new player, just bought this game on PS4 Pro. I'm having "An error occurred" 2-3 times an hour. Is it me only, or the company knows the case and has a plan to fix it? I report the problem via the PS4 menu as usual. Do I need to do anything more? P.S.The fun fact: I bought it because I've got lags on my latest Macbook Pro with the Steam version. It's almost impossible to play on Mac because of it. So I decide to buy the PS4 version. And now I have this issue.
  6. Although I see it nonsense, cause I bought this game from KSP, but ok, what is this company, where can I submit the issue? Really? Actually, I didn't accept that. Moreover, firstly I bought the Steam version. I've got lags and bugs on my latest MacBook Pro with it, so I decided to give it another try and bought it on PS4 pro today. And what I see? "An error has occurred" twice an hour. I'm hysterically laughing — I should've read the forum first, what a fool am I.
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