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  1. Ah that could be. I'm still a pretty new player so not 100% certain. I remember from the previous bug that I was watching unloaded vessels charge decrease and just assumed that was supposed to happen except the bug prevented solar panels from collecting to offset it. Anyway, ignore me then but like the other poster said thanks for all your hard work!
  2. I've been noticing something similar. I haven't looked into it too much yet nor do I have my log files atm (can get later) but I noticed my sat's all seemed to be staying at maximum charge and even checked one that was in the dark side of my planet to find its charge wasn't decreasing either.
  3. Awesome. Again thank you guys. It's nice to know that both routes are basically equally viable but the point a few of you have made about the lower step making it easier to insert yourself into an encounter is a point I was considering as well. I know that orbits of different heights go at different speeds so if I launch into a bad window I can always wait until the lower orbit is in a better position to insert into the higher one where I want. Might be a good idea to get used to lower initial orbits just to give more flexibility as was mentioned. I was a bit hesitant with having to launch int
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm going to add a bit more detail so I can get a bit better clarity from the answers. So firstly, getting to orbit itself isn't an issue for me. I have a ship that I've used to get me into 320k orbit for 5 or 6 satellites now. I've spent time learning the maneuvers to adjust my inclination and eccentricities as one of my mods (GPP) begins me on a planet off the equator and my RemoteTech contract required a relatively precise placement over the equator. I'm using a manned rocket to place my satellites to ensure I don't have to deal with signal blackouts and
  5. So still pretty new and learning a lot of these things. Just started putting my first relay network in place. But I'm wondering what the most ideal way to get into an orbit of around 320k would be. The obvious response to this might be how easy it is for me to just go test it for myself, but seeing as how I'm new, my launches are far from uniform and it's difficult for me to tell if a dv savings was from the maneuver or from me launching differently at this point thus why I'm asking here instead to see if I can find out what I should be aiming for. Should I be trying to circularize a lowe
  6. Hate to be a derp but trying to figure out how to use this mod. I don't think I'm experiencing a bug so much as failing to understand how it's supposed to work in the first place so hoping someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? Basically I'm playing in career mode and have upgraded the tracking station to level 2 which is what the observatory building stated I needed to do in order to access it. The issue I'm experiencing is that even with the tracking station upgraded I continue to get that message every time I click on the observatory. I'm unable to actually enter t
  7. As a quick addendum. The forced command definitely helped and I didn't have a single crash during scene transition even after several hours of play. It did have a very negative effect on appearance though and eventually did run into a stuttering crash that definitely appeared to be a lack of RAM. I went and bought 16 gig more to bring my system to a 32 gig one and hopefully that will allow me to play without further issue.
  8. Alright so I've got a fair few mods (over 100) so the issue might just be that I have too many. But basically I'm experiencing crashes that seem to happen when I enter and leave my vehicle building. It's likely any building might trigger it and just happens that the vehicle one is the one I keep going into and triggering my crash. I'm starting to go through a bunch of steps to try to correct the issue hopefully without having to sacrifice any mods but I figured I'd reach out here with my logs to see if anyone could spot anything obvious to help me focus in on what I should be doing. I a
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