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  1. So after going through the save file line by line and comparing it to my earlier working save file, it appears that the issue was in the FLIGHTSTATE section of the file. For each VESSEL, where ever the following three lines of code appeared in the original: modMass = 0 moduleVariantName = moduleCargoStackableQuantity = 1 they looked like this in the edited file: modMass = 0, UNKNOWN moduleVariantName = , UNKNOWN moduleCargoStackableQuantity = 1, UNKNOWN I'm not exactly sure why that was added, when all my other save files seemed to figure out those lines fine, but it was an eas
  2. Hello all, Relatively new her on the forums; been a huge resource for the years I played KSP. Was hoping you all might be able to help me troubleshoot a problem with my save file. After updating to the most recent update I encountered an issue with decouplers on my launched crafts that caused them to break when I decoupled them. Some more details can be found in this thread: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/199104-loss-of-probes-after-decoupling-since-111/ I figured out away to fix newly launched crafts, but I had a dozen mission on the go with now br
  3. I had the same issue. Several crafts I launches with probes attached by decouplers seemed to break when I tried decoupling them. I could switch to the new probe, but it would read a velocity of 0m/s and if I went to the tracking station the new probe would vanish and wouldn't be in the tracking station or near the parent vessel. Launching an old craft file with the same design caused the same issue to happen. However, if I edited the craft in the VAB, removed the decouplers and attached probes, and then reattached them, the newly launched vehicle behaved properly. Not much of a
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