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    Science Fiction, Robots and Space Crafts. I love comics about aliens, superheros and robots.

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  1. Also ich bin auch Deutsch, schreibe aber fast überall im Internet Englisch, weil es fast alles, was mich interessiert nur auf Englisch gibt
  2. My first (test) flight into the orbit.
  3. I like this movie (You mean "Escape from Planet Earth"?), but my name is also inspired by Kip Thorne and the most powerful explosion in the universe.
  4. I hope, the video is not to long, but I´m in the tutorial in the moment and very slowly in learning, sorry And ... I speak german in my videos.
  5. Definitely! I've already written a few stories about the character Kip Supernova. On my fictional planet Coba there is a space elevator and nanotechnology. I play kerbal to improve my space travel skills, to process that in my stories. And because the game is fun and likeable to me
  6. My very first lesson with Wernherr von Kerman. I made a video, but my sound was very bad.
  7. Hello, my name is Kip and I´m a big Science Fiction and Spacecraft Fan. The game Kerbal Space Program is the perfect game for me, to combinate my Science Fiction stories and my study for Computer Science. The Kerbals remember me the Irkens from "Invader Zim" and thats was the reason I bought the game too. I´m happy and hyped for funny and interesting Kerbal experiences. Is it allowed to link YouTube videos and streams about Kerbal Game?
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