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  1. Hello again! Made a bit of progress, became stupider and became less stupider, and I made a probe that went to Minmus and back, here we go. Pretty janky rocket, the FA-Akira, begins its launch after some test runs because I was using a probe and I needed to figure out how to actually control it without it flipping over. First run, kraken, second run, tipping, and then on the third run I got a successful ascent. The amount of Delta V in the first stage was actually insane, ~3000m/s of Delta V. With my timing, it was enough to create an encounter with the Mun alone, but I wasn't
  2. My latest flight: To the northern ice shelf, didn't really get any launch and maneuver photos but here are the re-entry photos I took. I deployed my landing legs because I thought that would help with slowing me down or something. Of course I broke a landing leg because I wasn't paying attention (I was hiding the UI for these screenshots!) Everything worked out though and I was able to deploy my parachutes after slowing down enough reaching 5-6km elevation, which seems dangerously low, I panicked for a while just before my parachutes deployed just in time. The northern ice s
  3. Currently very frustrated right now, I made my fifth rocket, the Echo-Akira, and put Jebediah on it for a fly-by of the Mun to do science, I have tried numerous times to re-entry but it was either too harsh and caused everything to explode or the parachutes wouldn't deploy due to the remaining velocity, so I've settled on an orbit. A crap ton of science completely out of my hands because I decided to be stupid and send a rocket really early on to the Mun, without RCS and much more sophisticated tech a rescue mission is nigh impossible (I've tried several times already to attempt such a mis
  4. AGHHHH! I lost my save... I updated KSP from 1.10 finally and a lot of mods were breaking with the new update, I had to clear out a huge bunch of my mods and reinstall some, so my save is likely incompatible now, but- I'm not entirely mad to be honest, I've actually been wanting to start fresh for a while since I know a lot more now. I also installed some new mods (being Parallax and Near Future Technologies), and the ones I reinstalled being EVE, SVE, and Scatterer (the visual mods I had to reinstall because the sky and space appeared white because the versions I had were outdated, bu
  5. Oh yes, another thing to add, I made a custom flag, check it out Not exactly proud of it, flag-wise, and by that I mean it breaks many principals of flag design (primarily the lack of minimalism and the rule of no text on a flag), but it doesn't matter too much to me.
  6. Just send a new module with a mobile processing lab up to my space station, I feel pretty good about it. I built and entirely new rocket for the occasion, the Eirene I, and made it specifically for delivering parts up to the space station. I put one of my previously designed modules that I had planned to launch to the space station (the one I chose being the mobile processing lab module, which I would not regret) in the payload fairing, and got ready for launch. Milsey Kerman, a scientist, will join in on the journey as well, inside the mobile processing lab. Later on in the la
  7. When I get home and attempt it I'll tell you how it goes
  8. I'll take a look at it when I get home, it may actually help me significantly as I have lost many probes to poor connection, let's hope I dont put too much on my rockets because of how grand this seems to me.
  9. That level of precision must be insane, I'd probably overprepare for something like that I may just set up multiple relays in increasing altitudes above Kerbol to get a uniform spread a few times over, and also maybe some orbiting ones around Moho and Duna. Then after that I can get contact. I certainly have the technology and the rocket for that, once it's all done I can get my probe and also send another for Pol.
  10. Definitely, Ive just been lazy Maybe today I'll actually try.
  11. I have a probe around Jool but its not powerful enough to send science back to the KSC, next time I go there I'll make sure to fly by Pol and then go back near Kerbin so I can actually transmit the data Lol
  12. I tend to usually follow this path as well, I only really mess with the paint if I want it to look differently.
  13. I think It's great how welcoming you guys are, I already feel at home Lol I've been posting a lot more than I have anticipating but I'm beginning to like it more and more, will definitely check the forums more when I can.
  14. You can right click fuel tanks or other parts if they have variants and choose different colors and forms, that's about as customizable as it gets without adding unnecessary weight and parts, I like the dark/orange variants of parts, they look pretty cool to me.
  15. My work ethic actually isn't that all up to it today, I did design some new modules for my space station "Station Alpha" in LKO about 80km high however, new science bits I haven't messed with will be heading to it, Station Alpha isn't exactly the best space station currently which is why I'm looking to revamp it, shouldn't be hard once I stop being so tired.
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