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  1. Hi Rhomphaia, OK. I will do it as you suggest. I just want to get into Munar orbit one time. Then I will be satisfied and move onto something else in KSP. Thank you. Stanley Well, wait a moment, please, @Rhomphaiaand @herbal space program. If Mun were at 2 o'clock, then my brown dotted line needs to be at 12 o'clock, right? Don't you both agree with that? Stanley
  2. Hi everyone, Thank you for mentioning me. Stanley
  3. Hi KSP colleagues, With the background of everything that you helpful and knowledgeable Kerbalists have taught me, let me start over. I want to get into Munar orbit. I want to do a visual intercept with Mun. I am in a fairly low, and roughly circular, orbit around Kerbin. Here are my questions, please: Should I click Mun as a target? I should wait until Mun is at approximately 12 o'clock, right? I should click on Kerbin at roughly 7 o'clock and initiate a maneuver, right? I should set the prograde value to be about 850 m/s, right? That sets the dotted brown line to just about touch Mun's orbit around Kerbin. Before I initiate the maneuver, do I click on the button that says "maneuver" or "target"? Then, please, what do I do? Thank you. Stanley
  4. Hi KSP colleagues, I am getting really confused. I just want to learn how to do a visual intercept with Mun so that I can get into Munar orbit. Would anyone be willing to do a Zoom session with me? If anyone would be willing to do that, then please send me a private message. You would need to give me your e-mail address, and then I would send you an invitation. Thank you for your consideration. Stanley
  5. Hi Admiral Fluffy, OK. I will try that the next time it happens. Thank you for the suggestion. Stanley
  6. Hi @king of nowhere and anyone else, So I began a flight from a fairly circular Kerbin orbit from an altitude of about 125'000 metres. I clicked on prograde, and I tried to go 850 m/s. But even with the slightest amount of burn -- one click out of the 15 clicks possible -- it says in the Navball well over 2000 m/s. That is my delta-V, right. My first point, therefore, is that I could not do a burn as low as 850 m/s. I am flying my spacecraft right now as I compose this message. My altitude is somewhat more than 3 million metres and I don't have a lot of fuel available. I don't see how I am possibly going to reach the Mun's orbit, even if I were set to encounter the Mun's sphere of influence. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Stanley Hi everyone, Well, since I have now run out of fuel, I time-warped forward. It looks like I will intersect the Mun orbital path around Kerbin. But now, how do I intersect with the Mun's sphere of influence? Stanley
  7. Hi @FleshJeb, @Streetwind, and @18Watt, I thank all of you for your suggestions. 18Watt, you have been constantly helpful to me. FleshJeb, you can see that I am using your method to ping people. I didn't know about that. Streetwind, I have now taken a preliminary look at your old post and your video. Later today, I will go through it very carefully. It seems that it will be very instructive. I am so grateful to everyone on the KSP Forum for helping me learn this amazing program. Stanley
  8. So FleshJeb, What are you saying? I wait until I see the Mun appear over Kerbin's horizon. Then I head straight to the Mun, and I will intercept the Mun's sphere of influence? Do I have it right? Thanks. Stanley
  9. Hi KSP colleagues, I am having a really difficult time getting a spacecraft to orbit around Mun. Let me begin with this one question, please. I understand that, from Kerbin, you have to set up a maneuver that intersects Mun's orbit around Kerbin. Prior to doing that, however, do you first have to click on the Munar orbit around Kerbin and set that Munar orbit as a target? Or should you not do that? Or doesn't it make a difference? Thank you. Stanley
  10. I wonder why they are not calling it a bug. I think it's a bug. Hitting Alt-L twice is not solving it. Thank you for the suggestion 18Watt, but it's not working. I am trying both the left and the right Alt key.
  11. Hi KSP colleagues, Sometimes I find that the staging lock -- activated by Alt-L -- freezes. In other words, sometimes I cannot disengage the lock, and thus I have trouble deploying a new stage. Has anyone else encountered this situation? Does anyone have a solution? Thank you. Stanley
  12. Hi Zhetaan, The information about the solid brown line is very instructive. Thank you. Stanley
  13. Hi 18Watt (and everyone else), Thank you again for your great help. I could not have figured this out without the contribution by you and by Vanamonde. I will keep practicing using the unlimited-fuel cheat. I have to be away from KSP for a few hours. Once I get back, I will work on trying to achieve an orbit around Mun. That is my next goal. Thanks again. You have been tremendous. Stanley
  14. Hi KSP colleagues (and especially at this time 18Watt and Vanamonde), Good! I think that I now understand. You have to actively set a maneuver burn and then stay with it until you see that the desired path has been attained. I was thinking that the spacecraft would just automatically pick up the desired path. You have been tremendously helpful. I appreciate it very much. Stanley
  15. Hi Vanamonde, Thank you for your help also. OK. Maybe now -- maybe -- I am getting it. I am using SAS, and I keep pressing on the SAS button. The spacecraft keeps jumping out of maneuver mode, and I have to constantly press and press again the maneuver button. Moreover, how long do I have to keep burning fuel? I am running out of fuel if I keep burning. When do I know that the spacecraft has gotten onto the desired path? Believe me, I really appreciate the help that you experienced KSP experts provide Stanley
  16. Hi 18Watt, It just doesn't work. I am in low-Kerbin orbit. I set a maneuver node using the prograde hand, thereby creating a rather elliptical orbit whose apoapsis extends much farther than does the original orbit. I use SAS and I keep the ship pointed prograde. I burn the fuel. But the ship just follows the blue line. I cannot get it to follow the dotted brown line that was created when I set up the maneuver. Stanley
  17. Hi 18Watt, Thank you for your reply. So, first, using SAS, should I click on the Prograde button or the Maneuver button? Second, I just set up a new maneuver. Along the yellow arc on the right side of the Navball, it says 98.4 m/s and it also says "Burn Time: 2 s." So what does that say to do? Thank you. Stanley
  18. Hi KSP colleagues, I have tried and tried to understand this, and I have watched one YouTube after the next. But I cannot figure this out. I am in Kerbin's orbit. I set up a maneuver that creates a new orbit. But I cannot transfer my orbiting spacecraft onto the new orbit. My spacecraft keeps bypassing the new orbit. Could someone please tell me how I get onto the new orbit. Thank you for your consideration. Stanley
  19. Hi Realkerbal3x, Let me try the link right now. https://imgur.com/a/I6uCUdC Stanley Hi KSP colleagues, Could you please be so kind as to look at this image of a fairly circular orbit that I achieved around Kerbin using the stock Kerbal X spacecraft: https://imgur.com/a/I6uCUdC Now, I understand what the terms "argument of the periapsis" and "longitude of the periapsis" mean. For example, in the context of Earth's orbit around the Sun, I understand these terms. What I don't understand is the meaning of these terms in the present context -- that is to say, in the context of a spacecraft orbiting planet Kerbin. Could someone please explain that to me. Thank you. The image is posted below. I am having trouble figuring out imgur. Stanley
  20. Hi Caerfinon, OK. Thank you. I am a big fan of the KSP Forum (and of KSP itself). If I may say so, however, I wish that the KSP Forum allowed users to load images from one's local computer. But I do appreciate your reply. I will now proceed to set up an account with Imgur. Stanley
  21. Hi KSP colleagues, Before I ask my main question, could someone please explain how I can insert a screenshot file. That is, I took a screenshot of one of my flights, and I would please like to ask a question related to this image. However, I don't see an option to load a file from my computer, and I don't seem to be able to copy a snippet of the image right here. Thank you. Stanley
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